I Am a Junior “Spirit of a Champion”

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How are you a good citizen, and what does your school do to demonstrate the characteristics of good citizenship? Those were the questions third grade students across Duncanville ISD were challenged to answer and illustrate with a three- to five-minute digital media presentation, as part of a comprehensive Project Based Learning (PBL) experience that culminated with the naming of the 2012 Junior Spirit of a Champion awards.

The PBL Citizenship unit required students to research and study characteristics of good citizenship such as truthfulness, respect, equality, responsibility, and participation in government. Empowered with a clear understanding of those traits, students compared the heroic deeds of ordinary citizens like Harriet Tubman, Hector Garcia, and James Lovell with good citizenship traits, and related what they had learned to their own lives – citing ways by which they, as individuals and as a school, can become better citizens.

Student presentations were then judged at the campus level, and each of the nine elementary schools submitted one entry for consideration in the district Junior Spirit of a Champion competition. The student groups responsible for producing each school’s entry traveled to Duncanville High school to present their digital products to a distinguished panel of community judges, including Duncanville Assistant City Manager Jeanne Fralicks and Lajuana Barton, Chief of Staff for Senator Royce West.

Central, Hastings, and Hyman elementary schools were selected as 2012 Junior Spirit of a Champion award recipients for their ability to clearly communicate and demonstrate their understanding of good citizenship and how they, along with their classmates, can be responsible citizens who show respect, work hard, and responsibly participate in making their community a better place to live.

from the Duncanville ISD Friday Informer