How to Dress a Christmas Tree

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Creativity Class mounts professionally dressed Eastern juniper from Northwood’s Cedar Hill Campus.

CEDAR HILL, Texas – Can a tree wear a tie? You bet. The hills of Northwood’s Cedar Hill Campus are covered with Eastern juniper trees (commonly called cedar trees). With the upcoming holidays, Professor Martha Heimberg’s creativity class (Humanities 3100) decided to use its collection of nearly 70 previously used ties to make a special Northwood holiday tree in “professional dress.”

Students collected ties from various sources. Donors included Professors Robert Harris, Ron Sekerak and Martha Heimberg. Academic Dean Dr. Terry Silva donated ties he no longer uses.

Maintenance Chief Don Gifford searched the campus for a likely tree and found a nine-foot juniper that would do the job. He sawed it down from a distant hilltop and set it up in Hopkins Hall for all to enjoy.

“I love the way the tree smells and it really looks good,” said senior Pamela Naranjo-Larrea. “I think all those ties represent corporate power,” said Christopher Adams, a member of the class and the school’s champion shot-putter. Sophomore Malissa Crouch stated, “It’s fun to make something original and playful out of old ties that would just be thrown away or rot in a closet”

Professor Heimberg agrees. She commented, “Most of our projects involve the recycling and transformation of something or other. We’re very green!”