Happy School Year

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Duncanville ISD schools and buses once again filled with children of all ages as the 2011-12 school year kicked off on Monday, August 22. We welcomed 12,360 students to a year that’s sure to be filled with engaging educational experiences, 21st Century technology, and staff and administrators dedicated to student success. The Communications Department visited each campus to capture First Day events. We hope you’ll enjoy our photo gallery! And don’t forget to vote in our First Day Photo Contest – we’ve uploaded the entries to a First Day Photo Contest album on the Duncanville ISD Facebook page. The winning photo will be determined by whichever one receives the most “likes”. Voting will be open until 11:59 pm on Thursday, September 1. The winning entry will be featured in a printed Duncanville ISD advertisement to run in a local publication. The winning contestant will also be invited to appear in an upcoming Duncanville ISD video.

You’ve seen our First Day fun – now hear from others around the district. Hardin Intermediate Principal Crystal Cross experienced her first Duncanville ISD First Day this year. “It was the best first day of all my first days in education,” she said. “The staff worked hard to prepare for our students, and the students were great at following the rules and procedures.” Crystal mentioned that the dismissal process was the most challenging task of the day, but that the best part was when the students arrived. “All the preparation, professional development, decorating, and everything we do before the students arrive is about giving them the very best.  It all comes together when you finally see the smiling faces for which you’ve been preparing.” She says her goal for this school year is to impact the lives of students in a way that strengthens their minds and hearts. “I want the Hardin Intermediate Experience to forever stand out in the memories of our students in a positive way.  I also hope that the staff, including myself, continue to grow as professionals and individuals from working with our students and each other.”

Duncanville HS senior Katherine McElroy experienced her last Duncanville ISD first day this year, and found it to be different than years past. “I realized that all the other kids were younger than me,” she joked. “I’m one of the few kids who doesn’t want to graduate, because high school is awesome. I’m just taking it one day at a time.” Katherine says she’s hoping for a stress-free senior year filled with good grades and a cute prom dress. Her top three college choices are Yale, SMU, and the University of Chicago. Katherine aspires to be the Vice President or an Ambassador to the United Nations. When asked about advice for younger Duncanville ISD students she replied, “Study hard, play hard, and never wear high heels to the high school.”