HAC – It Does a Parent Good

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photo and story submitted by Duncanville ISD

Do you HAC? According to district reports, only about 42% of Duncanville ISD parents do. Not sure what that means? HAC stands for Home Access Center. It’s a one-stop web portal that allows parents to view student schedules, attendance records, grades, and academic progress through a secure web interface. This summer, HAC will also be a parent’s key to revolutionizing the registration process as Duncanville ISD launches Online Registration in early July.

Started in 2005, HAC offers parents a convenient way to keep up with their child’s education. Attendance records, upcoming class assignments, test scores, daily grades, and report cards can all be accessed with a few clicks of the mouse. “HAC helps me help my daughter stay on top of her grades,” said Duncanville ISD parent Sharhonda Boyd. “It’s so much better than the progress reports that we receive every three weeks.”

Boyd has been using HAC for three years, and absolutely loves how helpful it can be. “It has helped us so much with the transition from middle to high school.  If there’s an assignment that may not have a good grade, I’m able to catch it early and address it before report cards are here.”

But staying on top of class assignments and grades aren’t the only ways that parents can use their HAC accounts. They also have the ability to easily communicate with their child’s teachers, strengthening the interaction between home and school. Text and email message alerts for student absences or failing grades are also in the works with the upcoming launch of the district’s mobile app, and parents are now able to see TAKS and STAAR test scores as daily grades in HAC. “I encourage parents without accounts to get one,” said Mayda Falcon, a Duncanville ISD parent who has been using HAC since 2009.

As part of the district’s commitment to offering 21st Century learning experiences, the student registration process is also being taken into the 21st Century. Home Access Center will play a vital role in the launch of Online Registration this summer. Parents will need HAC accounts will be able to take advantage of the new system, completing all of the required back to school forms online. Boyd says she’s ready for the change. “Online registration is going to make my life easier. I love it.”

Are you ready? Set up a HAC account TODAY! Download the request form inEnglish or Spanish, complete the form, and return it to the front office at your child’s school. You can also watch a how-to video by clicking here.