Guiding Principles of Duncanville’s Comprehensive Plan

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City of Duncanville – Destination Duncanville, the Comprehensive Plan, is well underway and progressing. The Steering Committee has continued to hold productive meetings and have established the Guiding Principles of the plan. The Guiding Principles emerged from the community input, Steering Committee discussion, Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council’s input. The six following emerging themes were extracted:

Neighborhoods – Promote vibrant neighborhoods through diverse housing, community involvement, public-private collaboration, and maintenance initiatives.

Connectivity – Provide safe, multi-modal transportation options that connect people to employment, amenities, and neighborhoods both locally and regionally.

Downtown – Establish downtown as a unique, lively, and active destination.

Economic Development – Utilize economic development policies and tools to strengthen Duncanville’s tax base and encourage economic activities.

Community Character and Branding – Create a unique identity, promote a positive image, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of Duncanville.

Development/Redevelopment – Develop to accommodate future growth and revitalize targeted areas.

The Guiding Principles were formulated as broad statements of what Duncanville strives to be in the future. These will then lead to actions and recommendations in the form of specific policies, strategies and steps to achieve the Guiding Principles.

Discussion has begun on the Future Land Use Map, transportation improvements, and gateways and image zones. The identification of opportunity areas, as areas with potential for future development and redevelopment, is a vital piece of the Comprehensive Plan. Transportation improvements to consider multi-modal transportation options, aligned with the Guiding Principles and City Council goals, will also be evaluated.

The Steering Committee will continue to progress on the plan development through the coming months and a draft plan will be generated for review. A community wide meeting will be held in June to celebrate the draft plan, and provide an opportunity to hear the community’s thoughts on the plan and recommendations. The community wide meeting date and location are to be determined. Updates on the progress of the plan and information on opportunities for public input are provided on the City of Duncanville website and the website.