Going Green Creatively

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CEDAR HILL, Texas – Everyone is inspired by something in life. Professor Heimberg’s Creative Humanities 3100 class was inspired by Ali Golzad. Ali Golzad works with recycled cardboard to make fetching works of art.  October 2, he demonstrated the tools needed to create a good cardboard art project. On October 11, the students put together a “tree of life” made completely out of cardboard. Each student created their own animal to place on the tree. “I think it came together nicely and it’s fun to see others depiction of the animal they created”, stated Malissa Crouch, sophomore marketing major.

Some worked on drawing the branches while others worked on cutting out the tree trunk, all the students came together to assemble the tree. Wally Trejo, junior entertainment sports management major, said “Making the animals was a very intense learning experience. The animals look simple to make but it took hours to make it, but it was definitely worth it.”

It was a wonderful sight to see the knights working together to create something new out of what many people see as trash. “Cardboard artist Ali Golzad inspired my students in class to create art from recycled cardboard. Students as a group made an entire tree in one class,” said Prof. Heimberg, Creative Humanities 3100 professor.

This “tree of life” is an amazing sight to see. It’s delightful to grasp how talented the knights are. The “tree of life” is located in the Butler building hallway at Northwood University, be prepared to be blown away.