From Rockets to Flying Saucers

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On October 9 students with the Reed Middle School A-Team, a group dedicated to rewarding educational excellence in the classroom with educational field trips, experienced shooting rockets and flying saucers.

Originating from a seventh grade Project Based Learning (PBL) experience, students were able to take their knowledge to the next level by working with Lockheed staff to study NASA rockets.  As a part of this first six weeks field trip, George Sprague from Dallas Area Rockets Society came to Reed to talk about the exciting hobby of building and launching model rockets and his participation in national and international rocket contests.  He explained the different parts of a rocket, what makes it fly, and also how it returns to earth. The best part of the experience for students was the rocket launch from the Reed football field. The amazing sights and dialogue kept the students’ interest, spurring conversations about rockets, the engines that power them, and NASA well after Mr. Sprague had left.

The A-Team next challenged Duncanville ISD Superintendent Dr. Alfred Ray, to a game of disc golf. The A-Team met Dr. Ray at Lorch Nature Preserve in Cedar Hill, where he spoke with them about the background and fun of disc golf and gave each student a disc of their own to practice with and keep. The students practiced throwing discs to each other with accuracy by understanding how to grip and make them fly, aiming for a target basket with chains mounted on a pole. Dr. Ray shared that the best sound for a disc golfer is “the ching of a disc crashing the chains before dropping into the basket.”

The A-Team would like to thank all of those who made the first six weeks experience memorable. This program uses spectacular educational adventures to encourage all students to work hard, improve academically, and put forth their best effort in the classroom.  The program is always in need of support for future adventures, as we continue to provide hands-on, engaging educational experiences for students.  If you or your business would like to help, please contact Andrew Davis at or call 972-708-3534.

photos and story from Duncanville ISD Friday Informer