Flu Vaccine Clinics Available to Elementary Students

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Duncanville ISD is proud to announce a partnership between the district and CareVan to provide free Flu Vaccine Clinics at each of the DISD elementary schools the week of October 24.  Free flu vaccines are available to all Duncanville ISD elementary children who do not have health insurance that covers 100% of vaccination costs.

The clinics will be conducted during school hours. Parents must complete a consent form if they wish for their child to receive a free flu vaccination. A packet of information was sent home with students earlier this week. You can download that packet, along with the consent form, click here

Please be aware that most of the participating students will receive the FluMist; however, children with asthma or other significant health concerns are not eligible to receive the mist. These students will receive the traditional shot vaccine. Parents may contact their child’s school for more information about the clinics.