First Baptist Duncanville Presents “Let There Be Light”

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First Baptist Church Duncanville is presenting their annual worship event “Let There Be Light“.

The first performance was Friday night, with remaining performances Saturday through Monday, December 10-12, starting at 7PM at he Duncanville First Baptist Church, located at Wheatland Road and Sante Fe Trail. The event is free to the public, but “tickets” are suggested. You can visit the website to download free tickets.

The event includes full orchestra and live animals; such as sheep, goats, donkeys, and camels.

The story begins in Nazareth as the people of Israel begin a new day longing for the Messiah (Let There Be Light)Mary wishes for a marriage founded on love, while her cousin, Deborah, tries to convince her that such feelings build in time. Back at home, Mary’s aunt and mother convince her father, Heli, that it is time for her to be betrothed. After Mary and Joseph’s betrothal ceremony (Beloved Underscore), Mary daydreams about her future wedding (Beloved Thief )As Mary gives thanks to the Lord for her blessings, the angel, Gabriel, appears to her and tells her she has been chosen to bear the Messiah (Son of Love).

Tension builds as Mary shares the news, first with her parents and then Joseph. Heli and Hannah send Mary to Elizabeth to let the dust settle in Nazareth. While they deal with their daughter’s outrageous announcement, Elizabeth encourages Mary (We Long to Worship You), and Joseph seeks guidance from God. In a dream, an angel reveals to Joseph that Mary is indeed carrying the Messiah. Joseph awakens, now understanding God’s calling to him (Son of Love)Mary prepares herself for another confrontation with Joseph, but when she returns he is ready to begin their new life together (Son of Love).  Their reunion is cut short by Rome’s announcement of a census (Out of Bethlehem).

Act III begins with God’s announcement for Messiah to be born (Joy, Joy). The young couple journeys to Bethlehem (The Prayer). Finding no room, an inn keeper and his wife allow the couple to stay in their stable. The baby Jesus is born in the night. Angels praise him (Gloria in Excelsis Deo)and shepherds come to worship him. Mary and Joseph each sing to their new son (Joseph’s Lullaby/I Stand in Awe).

Mary and Joseph bring Jesus to the temple to be consecrated (Sing Hallelujah!)While there, they encounter two old prophets, Simeon and Anna, who have been awaiting the Messiah (My Eyes Have Seen Your Salvation). Mary wonders what lies ahead (How Will It Be?).

Wisemen journey from the east in search of the one who has been born King of the Jews (I Have Seen the Light).