English Students’ Story Books Honored by Elementary Teachers

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Submitted by Panther Prints
Story by  Tijhan Anderson
Junior Colton Furguson works on final edits of his children’s story book for Mrs. Handcock’s class. (Tijhan Anderson photo)

English III students in Shelly Handcock’s class were rewarded recently for the children’s books submitted to Smith Elementary Kindergarten teachers.

“I wanted to get students used to a new way of learning by using hands on activities to create new and innovative ways of learning,” Handcock said.

Having a project judged in a competition was a new experience for the students in Handcock’s class.

“It made me a little bit nervous,” Junior Michelle Barron said. “I never even made a book in my life, and to have it judged by teachers put on a little bit of pressure.”

Junior Danny Dale admits the project was time consuming as he spent over four hours a night on the project.

“I wanted to make it the best project ever,” Dale said. “It seemed like something always needed fixing or editing to make it right.”

The teachers judging the books looked to see if the cover was appealing to a 5-6 year-old audience. They then looked at the writing to see if there were any errors.

“The students did an excellent job, and took their assignment seriously,” Smith Elemenery teacher Tara Ferguson said. “The books we judged were well done. It was a hard to choose a winner.”

Despite the hardships of working on the book, Barron said it was a feeling of accomplishment when they received the results of the judging.

“I was so surprised I won, mainly because I felt so bad about my book,” Barron said. “Although I enjoyed the project and felt great about winning, it is not something I’d want to go through again.”

The winners in the contest include Crystal Perales for best story, Michelle Barron and Colton Furguson for best cover, and Dinora Rubio for best overall.