Early Voting Begins in City Officer Elections

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Early voting for the Duncanville Mayor and the City Council districts 2 and 4 begins today and runs through Tuesday, May 1, with Election Day on Saturday, May 5. There are no elections for the Duncanville ISD Board of Trustees as all incumbents were unopposed. There are no incumbents in the city officer elections.

In order to vote in this election you must have registered to vote prior to April 5.

All registered voters in the City of Duncanville will have the opportunity to vote for the Mayor position. Registered voters residing in Districts 2 and 4 will also have an opportunity to vote for their respective candidates.

Early voting will be conducted Monday, April 23, 2018, through Tuesday, May 1, 2018, at the Duncanville Library Conference Rooms located at 201 James Collins Blvd. as follows:

April 23 – Saturday, April 28:

8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

April 29:

1 p.m. – 6 p.m.

April 30 – Tuesday, May 1:

7 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Additional information regarding the upcoming election may be obtained by contacting the City Secretary at 972.780.5017.

The Duncanville Chamber of Commerce and Duncanville Rotary Club held the 35th Annual Candidates Form this past Thursday at the Duncanville City Hall.

In City Council District 2, Don McBurnett was in attendance, but Misty Dawn Bain was unable to attend. For City Council District 4 all three candidates, Jeff Burton, Mark D. Cooks and Brenda O’Brien were in attendance. In the Mayoral race only Janet Harris was in attendance, with Barry Gordon and Matthew J. Jones unable to attend.

The Chamber and Rotary Club did provide an opportunity for each candidate to submit a biography and written response for two questions and these were available to those in attendance.

You can view the video from the candidates forum by visiting the Duncanville Chamber of Commerce website.

Mayoral Candidates

Barry L. Gordon Biography

Barry Gordon spent 33 years with the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES), retiring in 2003 as Senior Vice President. During his career with AAFES his responsibilities included executive management of global retailing, marketing, E-Commerce, and AAFES’ $1.3 billion private label credit portfolio. He and his family moved 14 times during his career and spent nine years overseas, living in England, Turkey, Germany, and Hawaii. While stationed in Turkey his responsibilities included operations in Saudi Arabia and assisting United States embassies in Israel and Egypt. In addition to the territories covered by his overseas assignments, his business travels took him to Japan, Korea, Guam, and American Samoa.

After spending one year as vice president with a privately-owned business, in 2004 Gordon became a management professor at Southwestern AG University in Waxahachie, Texas, where he later became Associate Professor and Chair of the Business Department. Leaving full time teaching in 2013, he remains an adjunct business professor at SAGU and is also an adjunct management professor at Tarleton State University. He specializes in management, leadership, and global strategic policy. Gordon maintains a consulting practice in strategic planning, primarily assisting small business entrepreneurs. He and his wife, Marlyse also own a logistics company.

Residing in Duncanville, Texas, he actively serves the community as president of the board of directors for the Duncanville Community and Economic Development Corporation, a member of the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, and as vice president of the board of directors for the Tax-Increment Financing District. He also serves on the boards of directors for two nonprofit organizations and is a member of the Duncanville chapter of Rotary International.

In 2017, he and Marlyse celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary. They are long time members of Gospel Lighthouse Church in Dallas, where he has served as Secretary of the Board of Directors and is currently Chairperson, Finance Committee. Barry plays saxophone in the church praise band and teaches Bible study with Marlyse, which they have done for over 20 years. His hobbies include golf and water sports, shooting sports, leather carving and a little woodworking. He has a bachelor’s degree in Russian from the University of Arizona, a master’s degree in industrial management from the University of Dallas, and completed course work for a doctorate in management from Walden University.

Question 1: What is the biggest issue you see facing the City of Duncanville and what would you do to address it?

Work towards developing economic plans to attract sustainable retail to the city. Sustainability of brick & mortar retailing in today’s environment is extremely difficult. As a result, the city has a growing number of vacant retail facilities and store fronts. Our society is undergoing a sea change from personal shopping to online shopping, be it household goods to even more recently food delivered to our doors. Recent data was published stating 64% of American households subscribe to Amazon Prime. Also, in 2017, 17% of total U.S. retail was derived from online sources, and the number is expected to increase every year going forward. The challenge to every city, not just Duncanville, is to attract destination retailers that offer goods that may well be purchased online, but that the shopping experience itself is rewarding. In concert with the Economic Development Director, I will seek to find new businesses that fit our city’s demographics, psychographics, and its strategic goals. Using established return on investment criteria, grants, incentives, and abatements may be made available from the economic development corporation to achieve this goal.

Question 2: Why are you running for the office and why should voters consider you the most qualified Candidate?

After 33 years in the marketplace serving and managing business operations in the U.S and overseas and we settled in Duncanville because of the hometown atmosphere coupled with its progressive community attitudes. We love the city and want to see it continue to thrive as a major player in economic structure of Southwest Dallas County. My experience in senior executive management and organizational leadership gives me the leadership skills necessary to build unified and harmonious relationships with the city staff, the city council, and the citizenry. The skills I possess are high standards of ethics and integrity, tact, diplomacy, compromise, vision casting, critical thinking for problem solving, contingency planning, goal setting, financial analysis and budgeting, statistical analysis, team building, compassion and accommodation for expressed needs of others, and public speaking to name but a few. In addition, for 13 years I continue to teach business and leadership fundamentals at the collegiate level to the next generation of CEOs. I bring to the city my vast experience, skills, and strong character attributes, which voters deem essential for their mayor, and a person whom they want to lead Duncanville.

Janet Harris Biography

Janet moved to Duncanville with her husband, James, in 2005. Immediately impressed with the City of Duncanville and the Duncanville school system, they decided to get involved and began volunteering. Their children attended Central Elementary, Byrd Junior High, and Duncanville High School.

The goal of both Janet and James has always been to be a positive force in life. Janet wants to

MOVE DUNCANVILLE FORWARD” by growing businesses increasing citizen participation.


Janet has been married for 34 years to James Harris, the owner of JUSTIN MOVING CO LLC.

They have two adult children, both graduates of Duncanville High School

Son: Justin, played football, was captain of the team and a power lifter. Justin is now Operations Manager in the family business. Justin is married to Tracey and has 2 sons, KD(7) and Kornelius(3)

Daughter: Jaimee, was an Athletic Trainer at Duncanville High School and was the recipient of the “Athletic Trainer of the Year” for 2 years. Jaimee is currently a Health Science instructor, a part time Athletic Trainer and the mother of 1-month-old son, Jai.

Experienced Leadership

  • Duncanville City Council at Large – 2011-2013
  • Former Chair of Duncanville Chamber of Commerce
  • Former Chairperson of the Chamber Yearly Auction
  • Former Member on the Best Southwest Partnership Board
  • Served on the Duncanville Community Multicultural Commission
  • President of Duncanville Booster Club – 2009


  • Telecommunications Industry for 20 plus years (Sprint, GTE–Verizon & Frontier)
  • Previous real estate agent and property manager with Century 21 Galloway-Herron
  • Attended Dallas Baptist University and DCCC

Church Affiliation

  • Dedicated member of EastGate Fellowship International; Pastor: Larry Brice
  • Current Church Administrative Assistant
  • Current Family Care Ministry Leader
  • Deaconess for 30 plus years


  • Spending time with family and friends, mentoring and planning events.

Question 1: What is the biggest issue you see facing the City of Duncanville and what would you do to address it?

One of the biggest issues is drawing viable businesses here. I would be very involved in encouraging more small businesses to make Duncanville their home. Working with the economic develop team, we will find ways to make this happen. It will be one of my priorities to make sure we are known as business-friendly. This message has to be emphasized to the existing businesses as well as those wanting to start a new business in our community.

Question 2: Why are you running for the office and why should voters consider you the most qualified Candidate?

The citizens of Duncanville need a Mayor who will listen to their concerns and ensure that their issues and concerns are addressed. I will give them the transparency they want and deserve. I served on the City Council in 2011-2013. At the time, I had a zoning issue that I felt was hampering the expansion of our company. Because it was a personal issue, I felt that it was not appropriate to bring it before the Council and this matter was not addressed during my tenure. I made the decision to focus on issues that would benefit the people of Duncanville.

Matthew J. Jones Biography

Candidate Did Not Submit Picture or Biography

Question 1: What is the biggest issue you see facing the City of Duncanville and what would you do to address it?

Candidate Did Not Submit Answers

Question 2: Why are you running for the office and why should voters consider you the most qualified Candidate?

Candidate Did Not Submit Answers

City Council District 2 Candidates

Don McBurnett Biography

Greetings Neighbor!

I’m Don McBurnett, and I would like to serve as your voice on the Duncanville City Council for District 2.

I’ve lived in Duncanville for 34 years, a graduate of Duncanville High School and an avid Duncanville High School Sports fan! I enjoy our home town and I am extremely active citizen in the community.

I’ve been a member of the Duncanville Lions Club for the past 12 years, working with the Duncanville 4th of July festival, the Barbecue and Blues Festival and the Sandra Meadows Basketball tournament.

I’m a member of First Christian Church on Main Street in Duncanville.

As your voice on Council, I plan to focus on the following:

  • Work to provide funding for Timely Replacement of our Community’s Water, Sewer and Street assets.
  • Work to improve Business and Economic Development through community events and sports activities
  • Maintaining Property Values through Firm and Fair Code Enforcement.
  • Work to insure our community receives high quality City Services for its tax dollars.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration through Northwood University and I am currently employed as an accountant with the State of Texas.

I love our community. I have deep roots here. I have served our community.

I ask for your support to be your voice on the Duncanville City Council, District 2!

An Experienced Public Servant for the City of Champions.

Don McBurnett, Candidtate
351 Brookwood Dr.
Duncanville, TX 75116
Ph: 972-296-4179

Question 1: What is the biggest issue you see facing the City of Duncanville and what would you do to address it?

The biggest issue you see facing the City of Duncanville is replacing/maintaining it’s current infrastructure. The water, sewer and street assets need be done over the next three to five years. Otherwise, it will cost more later. There is a master plan in place to follow. I would be supportive of a bond issue.

Question 2: Why are you running for the office and why should voters consider you the most qualified Candidate?

I am running for office because I care about this community, want it to be a place people want to live as well as visit.

The voters should consider me the most qualified because I have a deeper understanding of how business and government work. Also, I have been involved in community activities via Lions Club, Church and other avenues. Further, I have served in leadership positions.

Misty Dawn Bain Biography

Candidate Did Not Submit Picture or Biography

Question 1: What is the biggest issue you see facing the City of Duncanville and what would you do to address it?

Candidate Did Not Submit Answers

Question 2: Why are you running for the office and why should voters consider you the most qualified Candidate?

Candidate Did Not Submit Answers

City Council District 4 Candidates

Jeff P. Burton Biography

Jeffrey Paul Burton
810 Delphi Drive
Duncanville, TX 75137

I was born and raised in Homer, Illinois, a small farming community.

I graduated Homer High School in 1970 and was very active in sports playing football, basketball, and track. We did not have baseball in school but I played baseball just about every day that it did not rain.

I came to Dallas in the September of 1970 to attend electronics school.

I graduated in August of 1972 with an Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) degree. I have completed some Business Management and Accounting classes at Dallas County Community Colleges and some Mathematics classes at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York.

I worked for the Burroughs Corporation for 3 years (1972 – 1975).

I worked for Eastman Kodak Company for 20 years (1975 – 1995).

I worked for Johnson & Johnson Clinical Diagnostics for approximately 5 years (1995 – 1997 and 2008 – 2009).

I worked for Dallas Area Rapid Transit for 11 years (1997 – 2007).

I worked as a contractor for Dallas Area Rapid Transit for 8 years (2009 – 2017).

I married Virginia Lee Sandidge on September 8, 1972 and we will complete our 46th year together this year. We have two daughters and three grandchildren. Our family moved to Duncanville in the early 80’s to provide an excellent education for our daughters. We have lived in Duncanville since that time with the exception of a two-year assignment to Rochester, New York while I worked for Eastman Kodak. We returned to Duncanville in 1989 and have lived at our current address since that time. Our daughters graduated Duncanville High School in 1996 and 1998 and my wife and I were heavily involved as volunteers for numerous booster clubs and other school activities.

I have served in several leadership positions with my church and my wife has served within the church for several years.

I have served on several city boards and commissions and currently serve on the Neighborhood Vitality Commission.

Question 1: What is the biggest issue you see facing the City of Duncanville and what would you do to address it?

The “biggest” issue I see facing the City of Duncanville is the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan that has been adopted as the official plan for the city for the next 20 years. I was appointed to the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee and understand the importance of prioritizing the many aspects of this plan. I would address this prioritization by utilizing the input from the citizens that was received during the development process AND continue to ask for and receive input from the citizens as the council contemplates which projects to address and in what order of importance. I would establish a continuous path of communication with the citizens via meetings with a “town hall” method of open discussion and understanding of all aspects of each proposed project. Through education of the many aspects of the plan and communication with all the citizens this plan will improve Duncanville.

The reason I see this as the “biggest” issue is I know this plan will address many of the current issues our city is facing. Police protection, Fire protection, streets and neighborhoods, water and sewage, and all the basics that a city should provide are, and will be, addressed in the plan. The plan also includes ways to attract more business and other means of economic development that our city must have to succeed. The plan also addresses the relationship between the city and the school district that must continue to improve to attract families to come to Duncanville. This comprehensive plan is important to the entire city and District #4 will be a very important part of implementation of this comprehensive plan.

Question 2: Why are you running for the office and why should voters consider you the most qualified Candidate?

I am running to represent the City of Duncanville and District #4 with a focus on maintaining, and increasing, the momentum established by previous city councils and city staff of moving our city progressively into the future.

I have served the city by volunteering and being appointed to several boards and commissions.

I served approximately 10 years on the Board of Adjustments and I was chosen to be the chairperson for that board the last 3 years of my service. I served for 2 years on the Planning and Zoning Commission. Both of these are very important appointments as they relate to the ordinances of the city. I am well qualified and experienced with the current city ordinances because of these years of service.

I was appointed by Dr. Ron Dotson, our current District #4 councilman, and the current city council to be a member of the Comprehensive Planning Steering Committee. This committee of citizens gave guidance and insight, assisted, and worked very closely with the consultant team to formulate the plan that has been adopted by the City of Duncanville. This comprehensive plan identifies opportunities and sets goals for future development, and re-development, for the next 20 years.

I have the insight and experience to address the Comprehensive Plan of which my opponents do not.

I currently serve as a charter member of the Neighborhood Vitality Commission. This commission was established in 2015 with a purpose to affect the re-vitalization of our neighborhoods and to enhance communication with those citizens within their neighborhoods. We begin our third year with numerous achievements and accomplished goals and our sights on continued improvement of our neighborhoods.

This totals 26+ years of service to the City of Duncanville and involvement with my fellow citizens of our fine city as a volunteer.

Mark Cooks Biography

I am a father/papa, believer, banker, cyclist and a supporter of the arts. I am a 12+ year resident of Duncanville, who not only enjoys living in the area, but is passionate about volunteering. My experience of serving on various boards and panels, has prepared me to support a thriving community. I care about our past, present and future and know that by working together in unity, Duncanville will gain stronger partnerships and regain its economic strength. Duncanville was at its strongest when parents and community leaders all worked together for the same common goal, to make Duncanville the “City of Champions”.

I care about Quality of life, Safe Neighborhoods and Parks.

I care about Economic Development, Attracting Quality Restaurants and Retail Businesses.

I care about Education Partnerships.

Personal Background

Two Adult sons and four grandchildren

Education/Experience: Attended Dallas Baptist University, American Institute of Banking, UCLA, AA Leadership Program; 40 years of Banking experience, a Senior Vice President /District Manager with Wells Fargo Bank.

Church Affiliation: Concord Missionary Baptist Church

Hobbies: Golfing, cycling, traveling, spend time with grandchildren

Experienced Leadership

  • Former Duncanville City Council Member and Mayor Pro Tem 2012-2014
  • Former Duncanville EDC President 2015-2016
  • Former Duncanville Board of Adjustment
  • Former Park Board for Cedar Hill
  • Former Board Chair for Gateway Charter School
  • Dallas Black Dance Theatre Executive Board Member
  • Dallas Black Chamber Board Member
  • Circle Ten Council, Boy Scouts of America (Friends of Scouting Chair)
  • Duncanville Police Citizen Academy Graduate
  • Board Member for Community Council

Question 1: What is the biggest issue you see facing the City of Duncanville and what would you do to address it?

I am running for City Council because I believe in Duncanville’s ability to be a leader in what the blue print for success looks like among cities and municipalities in the Southwest sector of Dallas. My previous experience with organizations in our city allows me to work cohesively with residents and businesses to help us attract new retailers, restaurants and companies who can drive taxable dollars that allow us to flourish toward what we envision our future to look like. I believe that my representation on the City Council will provide the opportunity for me to work to weave diverse opinions into cohesive solutions for our city. Through innovation and technology we can help our city become more visible and highly sought after for location, leisure and living.

Question 2: Why are you running for the office and why should voters consider you the most qualified Candidate?

Public safety is always a top concern, not just at election time. The crime rates in Duncanville continue to decrease. As during my previous city council term, I will continue to work closely with our police and fire departments to maximize manpower and reduce response times, while working to make sure key technology enhancements make their jobs easier and safer to perform and protect citizens. Enhancements to our city parks and the addition of bike lanes, will not only make Duncanville more “livable” but lead to healthier lives for our citizens. I also believe that the Duncanville field house can be an important revenue generator as a sports and entertainment venue, while creating much needed employment opportunities.

Brenda O’Brien Biography

Brenda Joyce O’Brien. I have been a resident of Duncanville Texas for the last 9 years.

I am running for District 4 City Council

I have a Bachelor of Science in Geriatric Health, Siena Height College Adrian, Michigan 1989 – Summa Cum Laude and an Associate Degree in Occupational Therapy Assistant, Wayne County Community College Detroit, Michigan 1986. I served on the committee for educational development at Kingwood College (Kingwood Texas). There I assisted with developing and implementing a curriculum from the ground up for occupational therapy assistants. I served on the committee to screen student candidates. I also signed on as an adjunct educator, where I taught activity and analysis and pathophysiology for occupational therapy assistants. I currently serve on the Duncanville Neighborhood Vitality commission. I am president and CEO of a small therapy contracting LLC.

I am the mother of four and have faced many challenges with a child who had special needs. I believe in the love of family, challenging work, education, the importance of community and civic responsibility. When the call went out over two years ago for people to serve on newly developed Neighborhood Vitality Commission, I did not hesitate to sign on. I have proudly served as president and now general member of this commission. By working with the neighborhood HOA, the neighbors in this community and the city of Duncanville, we were able to create a cost effective safer way to enter and exit a very busy and dangerous intersection. Working with local churches and community organizations I have seen what the power of community activism can do for homes in need of desperate repair. That is only a few examples of the many ways I hope to be a part of bringing neighbors and neighborhoods together.

As a woman of color, it was not easy finding my voice. Today right here in within District 4, there are many of our neighbors who face this same issue. It is uncomfortable to talk about, but it is true. Many of the black and Hispanic citizens I spoke to while knocking on doors, shaking hands and walking the neighborhoods expressed that same sentiment. I will work to include all the citizens in district 4 as a vital part of this community, homeowners, renters, young, old, black, white, Hispanic and all those in between.

I bring experience of formal education, and not just a willingness to serve but almost a duty. I want to be the voice for district 4. I will work tirelessly to fix our long-standing problems and issues that have held the district back while working to move my district forward. I want my district, my neighborhood, my town not only to be a wonderful place to work but a wonderful place for all to live.

I will work hard to make sure our tax dollars are spent on those issues that benefit the citizens of Duncanville. I will work to cut property tax and champion those efforts to grow big and small business ventures. My vision for district 4 is to revitalize what is unique and to promote the charm and sense of community that is Duncanville. I want to see more city dollars stay in the city. This means we must invest in venues that will encourage our citizens and others from outside of our community to come to Duncanville. In future we must promote more city management level and municipalities level employees to live in our city. I would like to conclude my saying, thank you and I look forward to serving my district 4, my town, my city of Duncanville.

  • Improving entertainment, restaurants, and shopping venues
  • Implementing responsible spending measures

Question 1: What is the biggest issue you see facing the City of Duncanville and what would you do to address it?

I am running for District 4 City Council because I love my city and my neighbors. I will work in an inclusive manner to address the concern of the entire district. My qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Geriatric Health/ Associate Degree in Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Competency and leaderships skills
  • Citizen of Duncanville for 9 years
  • Currently serving on Duncanville Neighborhood Vitaly Commission
  • President and CEO of Next Door Therapy Services LLC.

Question 2: Why are you running for the office and why should voters consider you the most qualified Candidate?

What I see as a big issue is the lack revenue being generated by local business and the ever-increasing burden on the tax payer to shoulder the cost through fees, property tax and sales tax. It is not so much what I “would do about it” but what the citizens of Duncanville want. I must as district 4 council woman keep in mind first and foremost, does any project or venture benefit those who live here. I will work with others to move Duncanville forward with focus to:

  • Large/small business growth
  • Improving the available housing market
  • Improving appearance of neighborhoods