Earle, You Done Good

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Cake celebrating Earle's 10 Years

A small group of family, friends, and business owners gathered on Tuesday evening to honor the man that has championed Duncanville economic development for ten years.

One thing is true about Earle Jones, when you met him you became a friend. If you worked with him, you were family. If you were family, the bond was unexplainable, undeniable, and unbreakable.

Over the ten years that Earle Jones was the Economic Development Director for Duncanville he brought in over $110,000,000 in projects, such as; Main Station, Duncanville Hilton Garden Inn, the StarCenter (now Duncanville Fieldhouse), Pappadeaux’s, Costco, QuikTrip, and Shops at Waterview Park.

Over 150 people gathered to thank Earle Jones for his work.  Here are a few of the comments:

David Hira, local businessperson and speaker, “Earle, you done good.”

Ted Pittman, developer of Hilton Garden Inn, “If it wasn’t for Earle, this hotel wouldn’t be here.”

Jeannine Mosley, Laurenwood Nursing Home and Rehabilitation, “The city is much better off because of your efforts.”

Grady Smithey, Duncanville city councilmember, “We’ll always be grateful.”

Ray Dorton, former 4B board member, “Earle has a character, an honesty, and a deep appreciation for our community.”

Stan Smith, former 4B board member, “Biggest cheerleader Duncanville has ever had.”

Debbie Choate, former Chamber president, “Earle has the hugest heart for Duncanville.”

Linda Dean, Southwest Now Magazine, “An icon for Duncanville.”

Scott Cannon, Duncanville city councilmember, “No one gets behind people and encourages them like Earle Jones.”

Allen Conley, owner of Subway in Duncanville, “Your friends are here as a testimony of your importance to Duncanville.”

Glen Repp, Sr., former Mayor of Duncanville, “Proud to say I was Mayor when we hired you and to see what a difference you have made to Duncanville.”

Judy Smithey, Duncanville resident, “In spirit, in passion, and love for our city, Earle is twelve feet tall.”

David Green, Mayor of Duncanville, “You are our hero, and always will be.” Green went on to say that while Earle and been recently “villainized”, that everyone knew that he wore a white hat. With that, Mayor Green presented Earle with a white cowboy hat.

Kevin Gilbert, general manager of the Duncanville Hilton Garden Inn, “Each time I called Earle, he inspired me to continue on.”

Steve Martin presents a clock to Earle Jones

Barbara Jones, the wife of Earle, thanked Earle for being such a good father and husband.  “Thank you for getting up every day and going to work, and providing for your family.”

Monte Anderson, Options Real Estate, “What Earle has shown me about Duncanville made me love the city and move my business here.”

Anderson also shared that in the week before the Duncanville City Council did not renew Jones’ contract by a 4-3 vote, he helped secure a major business move to Duncanville. Anderson had been meeting with a company that wanted to move into the I-45 and I-20 area, but could not get the Economic Development Director or Mayor to meet with them.  Anderson called and Jones and Mayor David Green met with the owners and secured the move that afternoon.

Earle Jones thanks everyone for the evening.

Steve Martin, Duncanville Chamber President, said that the company has already joined the Duncanville Chamber and is excited about the move and becoming part of the community and that groundbreaking will be announced soon for their expansion.

“People come into our lives for a reason, for a season, or for a lifetime,” said Martin. “Earle, you have done all three.  We will never forget you.  You are in our hearts forever.”

Finally, the man of the hour took the podium. Jones thanked all those that came to the reception, and everyone that had been on the Duncanville team.

“I got up every morning thinking I have a wonderful life. A great family, I was raised by great parents, and worked with a great team at Duncanville. I am grateful to God for all of His blessings.”

3 Responses to Earle, You Done Good

  1. Can we get the name of the new company that will be coming to Duncanville?

    Nancy Jenkins
    Wednesday, August 31, 2011 at 10:35 am

    • The company is W & B Service Company. They will be moving into a plant on North Main Street, north of I-20. Look for a release soon on the groundbreaking ceremony.

      Wednesday, August 31, 2011 at 11:41 pm

  2. Sure is nice to have so many stand up and be counted in support of Earle Jones Jr., and the vision many had for re-developing Duncanville (they were all present at Earle’s “Thank You” event.)

    When you go back and see how so many people, over so many years, doing so much research, put together a vision to re-develope Main St. Now you have a few people who are working to kill it. Not only will it cost the citizen’s $2,000,000 of new debt, but it still leaves you with the same question asked of these people who are against everything: “What is YOUR plan?”.

    I don’t think they one. I think they are just against everything.

    I also don’t think they do much research on anything past looking at their own “To Do List”. (Or maybe it’s “What Can I Destroy List”.) Good thing we don’t have any baby seals in town, or these same people would probably club them.

    Texas Patriot
    Thursday, September 1, 2011 at 2:56 pm