Duncanville Officers Take Top Prizes at Annual Police Games

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Officer Jeff Etessam and Sergeant Ross Dobelbower

Duncanville Police officers and department veterans Ross Dobelbower and Jeff Etessam competed in the annual Texas Police Games earning top prizes in the pistol competition.

Etessam, who won his first award in 1997 for power lifting, earned two silver medals in the single and double stack pistol competitions and a bronze medal in the team pistol division. Dobelbower won a silver medal in the single stack pistol competition.

Both Dobelbower and Etessam trained and honed their skills for the competition but as firearms instructors for the Duncanville Police Department, they are inherently highly skilled marksmen.

For Etessam, competing in the annual Police Games is an opportunity to not only gauge ability and skills against others, but a great chance to meet officers from across the state.

“It is nice to compete, network and make contacts at other agencies in case we need assistance with an investigation,” said Etessam. “During the team competition, I was joined by two border patrol agents fromEl Pasoso I now have two contacts inEl Paso. And, we were able to come together and win third place out of eight teams.”

In a very close finish, Dobelbower placed second narrowly missing the top prize.

“Placing in this competition, speaks volumes about the quality of the firearms instruction and personnel training the Duncanville Police Department provides,” said Dobelbower. “I was proud to represent the Duncanville Police Department in this event and hope not only I but other officers will represent at next year’s Police Games to be held inAustin.”

The Texas Police Games are hosted by the Texas Police Athletic Federation and is an annual athletic event that allows officers to compete in 26 different categories from dominoes to basketball to karate to soccer.

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