Duncanville Officers Make Arrests in Rash of Copper Thefts

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On September 8th, officers with the Duncanville Police Department found a large amount of copper piping following a traffic stop of a suspicious truck spotted at a Duncanville Junior High. During the subsequent investigation, it was determined that Ronnie Joseph Berry B/M, age 52 and Mark Anthony Aimes B/M, age 48 were the two suspects involved in the thefts from at least eight buildings in Duncanville and other locations around the Metroplex.

 Ronnie Berry  Mark Aimes

Over the last couple of weeks, the Duncanville Police Department had received reports from the Duncanville Independent School District of copper thefts at eight buildings with damage to over 250 air conditioner units, and up to $56,500 in costs to repair.

The demand for copper, combined with the economic crisis, is creating an increase in copper-theft crimes. Theft of air conditioning units and parts has become increasingly popular and is on the rise because of the copper and aluminum contained within them.

Both suspects were charged with Theft of Materials (Copper).