Duncanville Library to Host Focus Group Meetings

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A series of focus group meetings have been scheduled by the Duncanville Public Library Advisory Board to gather public input for the Duncanville Public Library’s Master Plan update and it is the Board’s hope that residents in Duncanville will come out in force with ideas about how the Library can improve now, and in the future.

In a recent survey conducted by the International City/County Management Association for the City of Duncanville, 76% of residents used the library at least once in the past 12 months and 89% gave the library an overall rating of excellent.

“Make no mistake, or library is a core city service and our users let us know they consider it essential to a vibrant, educated, and self-sufficient community,” said Library Board President Sharon D. Jones. “Members of the board have been conducting monthly telephone surveys with active users and they have been telling us over and over how meaningful and important the library is to their daily lives.”

The first meeting will be held after Spanish Storytime on January 12 at 6:30PM, the second one follows the HomeSchool Video program on January 17 at 2:30PM, and there will be a meeting following the Dad’s Night Out presentation on January 17 at 8:00PM.

The final meeting will be held in conjunction with the Friends of the Library meeting scheduled for January 24 at 6:30PM.

“We also plan to meet with senior citizens in the mornings during the weeks of January 17 and 23, in addition to talking with children and teens who visit those same weeks after school is out,” continued Mrs. Jones.

Mrs. Jones urged citizens to plan to attend one of the scheduled meetings. “Determining services for the future and what the library should look like requires public input and the time for that input is now.

For more information about the library you can visit their website at www.youseemore.com/duncanville, or call 972.780.5051.