Duncanville ISD joins districts across Texas calling for a new accountability system

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Submitted by Duncanville ISD

Building student character and competence through meaningful, relevant, and purposeful engagement drives Duncanville ISD’s curriculum and learning experiences. This belief has been at the forefront of the district’s transformation to becoming a 21st Century student-centered school district.

So when the district was given the opportunity to join 462 other Texas school districts, representing more than 2.6 million students, in support of redesigning the state’s accountability system, it was an easy decision to make. “Of course we jumped at the opportunity to formally voice our support to develop an accountability system that takes into consideration the need for multiple assessment instruments that include a local component,” said Duncanville superintendent Dr. Alfred Ray.

The Duncanville ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved the Resolution Concerning High Stakes, Standardized Testing of Texas Public School students at the regular meeting on May 14, 2012. The resolution, drafted by the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) and endorsed by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB), strongly criticizes the current over‐reliance on standardized high stakes testing as the only assessment that really matters in the state and federal accountability system. It asserts that the current testing system is strangling our public schools, imposes relentless test preparation and memorization, and is stealing the love of learning from Texas students.

The resolution does embrace accountability but calls for a new system, one that uses multiple measures rather than just one test and results in a truer picture of the performance of each student, school, and district. It encourages meaningful, student-centered work in Texas classrooms that cultivates unique, individual talents. “It [the resolution] masterfully aligns with our district’s Core Beliefs and Vision of the Learner, and what our community told us several years ago they want their education system to provide their children,” says Ray.

Read the Resolution and consider contacting your lawmakers who represent you as a member of the Texas House and Senate, to voice your support for school transformation. This spring, students in Duncanville ISD and across Texas took the state’s newest standardized test, the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR). Learn more about STAAR here.