Duncanville ISD GATE Students Show Off their Skills

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This year, over 890 students in the district participated in the GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) program. This program is designed to challenge students identified as “gifted” in one or more of the following areas: creativity, leadership, artistic ability, intellectual ability, or ability in a specific academic area.

GATE students in first through eighth grades participate in the Texas Performance Standard Project, exploring challenging, high-level research experiences which culminate in projects and presentations. This project takes place throughout the entire year, and two exhibitions were held for the student projects.

“The exhibition for grades 5-8 was held on May 15, and the exhibition for grades 1-4 was held on May 17,” instructional technology coordinator Mendy Autry explained, “At each exhibition there were between 1,500 and 1,000 visitors!”

Projects and display boards filled the DHS Library, and digital projects were presented throughout six computer labs. For the first time ever, district students presented more computerized projects than physical displays.

“I am increasingly impressed by the dedication and work of our staff and students,” Autry said. Students stood proudly by their projects and explained them to passersby. Students were also able to vote for their favorite projects.

The fan favorites were as follows:

Grade 1
: From Jada Lee’s class at Bilhartz – Cade Williams
Grade 2: From Daneen Douglas’ class at Acton – Victoria Pinkerton
Grade 3: From Acton – Samantha Jimenez
Grade 4: From Linda Reid’s class at Smith – Kwency Ashley
Grade 5: From Tamika Jones’ class at Daniel Intermediate – Karmela Berrones
Grade 6: From Anna Mackey’s class at Daniel – Virginia Espinoza
Grade 7: From Pam Fuller’s class at Byrd – Leilani Castillo
Grade 8: From Alexondria Zeigler’s class at Byrd – Reed Giunta