Duncanville High School Helps Student Following Fire

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Duncanville ISD Newsroom – It started off as a normal evening for Starr Scott. She was helping make dinner for her mom and younger brother. She remembers dropping a potholder. It fell into some hot grease and caught fire.  “I got the fire extinguisher, but it didn’t work,” said Starr.  “It just got bigger and bigger.”

Starr-Web-273x125Firefighters arrived quickly, but they were unable to salvage Starr’s apartment. The fire destroyed everything inside. Starr, her mom and 11-year old brother Jalen had to spend the night with friends and family. When they returned the next day, their home was unrecognizable. “It was just black. Everything was black. Everything was gone,” Starr said.

Along with the furniture, pictures and other belongings lost in the fire, there were things Starr needed immediately. The 18-year old had a choir competition coming up. She was concerned about the dress, owned by the school,  which got ruined. Choir director Tyron Shaw remembers Starr coming to him the day after the fire, upset that she might be unable to compete without her dress. “She said, Mr. Shaw, I tried to save it. I just wasn’t able to. I said, Starr, it’s okay. We have plenty of other dresses,” Shaw said.

Once students, teachers and staff members at Duncanville High School learned what happened to Starr’s family, they started pulling together donations. The family has many needs – from kitchen supplies and furniture to toiletries and clothes. The Duncanville High School community is working together to help.

Starr had just purchased her prom dress the weekend before the fire. She says she hung it at the back of her closet so she wouldn’t be tempted to try it on over and over. She wanted it to be pristine for the prom. The prom dress, like the choir gown, was destroyed in the fire.  Hearing about Starr’s situation, a Duncanville High School staff member brought 3 never-worn dresses for Starr to try on. She found a great fit in a beautiful, floor-length red gown.

At the same time, Starr’s choir family was working behind the scenes to make another surprise possible. Through donations and concessions proceeds, friends raised the money to send Starr to New York City later this month with the rest of the choir. The  five-day trip includes a performance at Carnegie Hall. Mr. Shaw says the trip would not have been the same without Starr. “We work so closely together all the time. When one of us is up, we’re up. When one of us is down, we’re all down,” Shaw said.

Starr, who is used to giving rather than receiving, says the outpouring of support is overwhelming. The teenager has spent her high school career helping others. Starr works with special needs students on the Sparklers inclusive cheerleading team. She plans to continue her involvement with children who have special needs by studying to be a special education teacher in college.

Tyron Shaw says he knows why the Duncanville community is motivated to help. “Everyone loves her, said Shaw. “She’s always joyful all the time – even in the midst of this crisis.”