Duncanville Fire Department Honored at the CareFlite Awards Ceremony

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Duncanville, May 30, 2017 – Duncanville firefighters were awarded Great First Responders Awards at the CareFlite Awards ceremony on Monday, May 22 in Arlington.

Great First Responders Awards are honored: for going above and beyond the call of duty as a first responder; for commitment to the highest level of emergency care in the field; for demonstrating professionalism and setting the standard for peers in life threatening situations; and for putting service above self and making communities better places to live.

The ambulance and Quint 272 Crew who was nominated by EMS Division Chief, Mike Ryan, consists of FF/EMT-P Pat Stubbs, FF/EMT-P Micah Shaw, Captain/EMT-P Jason Wigginton, Engineer/EMT-P James Leary and FF/EMT-P Brent Nabors. The crew responded to a call and performed CPR on a 13-year-old boy at the Duncanville Fieldhouse. The patient was resuscitated and has since visited the Fire Department.

“These five men did an excellent job reviving this young man,” Ryan said. “That comes as no surprise to us. They always do an excellent job, and their excellence comes about as a result of habit. Every member of the Duncanville Fire Department is not your status quo type of person – they train, make mistakes, but strive to never make the mistake twice. They devote themselves to where what they do and what they expect of themselves rises above the normal call of duty. In this case, our ambulance and quint crew were in the fire station three blocks from the incident, and in these times with our call volume on the rise, it was lucky for this young man and his outcome.”

Stubbs has been with the Duncanville Fire Department for 18 years, Shaw 1.6 years, Wigginton 11.5 years, Leary 12.7 years and Nabors almost 3.5 years.

“One of the most stressful calls is CPR on a kid,” Stubbs said. “Much too often the outcome is not good. When a person walks in the fire station who was dead, and you helped save them, that is the best feeling in the world.”

Nabors is a Duncanville native and said it is an added bonus getting to work for the city he grew up in.

The Fire Department serves a population of 39,000 in Duncanville and covers over 11 square miles, and the automatic aid agreements with DeSoto, Cedar Hill and Dallas increase the response area to over 85 square miles with a population of 166,000.

For more information about Great First Responders Awards, visit www.careflite.org. For more information about Duncanville’s Fire Department, visit www.duncanville.com.