Duncanville Falls to Mansfield Timberview

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This was a game of two halves with several sub-plots running throughout the game.

The largest story in this game was how the Mansfield Timberview Wolves would react just days after the death of their offensive coordinator Cody McCarty. McCarty died this past Sunday night of an apparent heart attack.

The other story was the sketchy officiating on both sides of the ball. The officials threw twenty flags, totaling 158 yards of penalties. The officials missed obvious calls on both sides, and flags were thrown from downfield with other officials closer to the action.

The first half was all Duncanville.  The Panthers took the opening kickoff and moved the ball from their own thirty-one, all the way into the Wolves end zone.  Within the first three plays, Jaquan Cole had moved the ball into Timberview territory. On third and seven, quarterback Deandre Grimes hit Cole for a twenty-four yard pass and run over the left side. On the next play from the twenty-three, Grimes ran for twenty-two yards up the middle, and Duncanville scored on the next play on a Cole dive play. Sifuentes’ added the PAT and Duncanville leads 7-0 with 8:40 remaining in the first quarter.

On their opening drive, the Wolves went on a fifteen-play drive that took almost five minutes off the clock.  Timberview quarterback Charles Taylor was stuffed on the first play by Panther defensive back Cordray Love, but on the next play Taylor hit Jarrett Minnitt for a nice 12-yard gain. Taylor took the ball again over the left and picked up a first down, and then Josh Smith ran over the right side for sixteen, moving the ball to the Panther twenty-seven. From there Taylor’s pass to Nick Lewis fell incomplete and Edward Paris’ attempt to run to the right resulted in a 2-yard loss when he was tackled by Ghafona Iduwe. Taylor also loss two yards on a sweep when he was tackled behind the line by Love. On fourth and fourteen Taylor scrambled for sixteen, down to the fifteen. On first and ten Timberview was flagged for a false start, but on the next play they got twelve yards on a Taylor run. Duncanville was hit by a questionable personal foul call that moved the ball down to the eight-yard line. Taylor tried to run the ball up the middle, but was dropped for a four-yard loss by Trey Edwards.  Taylor then rolled out and attempted a pass that was thrown out of bounds. Taylor then hit D’andre Fuller and the he was tackled at the two. On fourth and goal Taylor fumbled the exchange and Duncanville recovered on their own five-yard line.

Cole lost two yards on the first play, then Grimes took off for a thirty-two yard gain when he took off up the middle and then broke left. On first and ten from their own thirty-five, Grimes ran for four yards over the left and then a pass to Terry Cooper fell incomplete. Grimes only got one yard on a middle run to bring up fourth and five from the Duncanville forty-yard line. Art Zapata came in to punt, but only managed a punt of eighteen yards.

Timberview started out in great field position, but was unable to capitalize Taylor ran for thirteen up the middle. On the next play a Taylor to Michael Adefolarin pass was broken up by Gary Lewis. On the next play the Wolves were hit with an illegal procedure penalty. On second and twenty-one Taylor hit Fuller for four yards, before he was tackled by Malcolm McKenney. Timberview got hit next with a delay of game penalty and then time ran out on the first quarter with Duncanville leading 7-0.

On the first play of the second quarter, Taylor fumbled the snap, but still was able to pick it up and scamper for sixteen yards. Timberview went for it on fourth and two and got no gain when Taylor tried to go up the middle and he was met by Edwards and Duncanville took over on downs on their own forty-eight.

Duncanville was held to four downs and out when Grimes and Cole combined running for only five yards. Art Zapata punt was blocked and Timberview took over at their own forty.

From there Timberview only needed two plays to score. Taylor scrambled for thirteen yards to take it to the twenty-seven and then Cameron Chambers run up the middle for a twenty-seven yard touchdown. The Nick Cannon PAT was good and with 8:20 remaining in the second quarter the game was tied 7-7.

On the ensuing kickoff the ball was downed at the Duncanvile forty-three. On the first play from scrimmage Grimes ran over the right for three yards, then William Jackson went left for three yards. Grimes then hit Jeff Thomas going right for nine yards and a first down. Jackson then took the ball up the middle for eleven and another first down. Grimes ran left for nine and on second and one, Grimes went to the end zone for Thomas but the ball fell incomplete. On third and one, Jackson went left for twenty-two yards and set up a first and goal from the eight. Grimes then hit Thomas in the end zone for another Panther touchdown. Sifuentes’ kick was good and the score was Duncanville 14 and Timberview 7 with 4:56 left in the second quarter.

Sifuentes’ kickoff was caught by Milton Lewis and he was tackled by Zapata at the Timberview thirty-five. On the first play Duncanville was flagged for fifteen yards on a questionable pass interference call and the ball was moved to the fifty-yard line. Chambers ran up the middle for four yards, then Taylor went left for three.  On third down Taylor attempted a pass to Dylan Harden, but the drop brought up fourth and three and Timberview punted away. Carlos Euceda’s punt went out of bounds at the Duncanville twenty-four with 3:17 remaining.

Cole took the direct snap on the first play and went right for thirteen yards, and then went for runs of five, sixteen, and nine over the next three plays. Grimes then hit Joel Gullett for eight yards and then Terry Cooper for eight more. Cole went through the middle of the line for four yards, but on the next play Grimes was sacked for a loss of six to make it second and fifteen Timberview was penalized for pass interference in the end zone when Grimes threw to Cooper, placing the ball at the Timberview four. On the next play Cole went up the middle for four and a touchdown. Sifuentes’ kick was good and the score was now 21-7 Duncanville with eighteen seconds remaining in the half.

Sifuentes’ kickoff went out of bounds and Timberview took over on their own thirty-two. Timberview managed only two plays before the clock ran out to end the first half with Duncanville leading 21-7.

Starting the second half, Timberview came out of the locker room obviously fired up and it showed on the field. On first and ten from their own 39, Taylor hit Rickey Gross with a shovel pass that went for eleven yards. Taylor then hooked up with Chambers for a sixteen-yard pass play to the left. Taylor then ran for four up the middle and was stopped by Montrell Barree.  Timberview was penalized five yards for false start on the next play and on second and eleven, Taylor scrambled for thirty-five yards and a touchdown. Cannon’s kick brought the Wolves to within seven at 21-14.

Duncanville was again held to four and out when they move the ball and Zapata’s punt was downed at the Timberview forty-five with 8:36 remaining in the third.

Taylor ran right for three yards, but the Timberview offense was called for holding and the ball was marked at their own thirty-eight. Josh Smith ran up the middle for twenty-six, and Chambers went for three up the middle. On second and seven Taylor went downfield, but Timberview was caught with a lineman downfield and the ball was marked at the Duncanville thirty-eight, then a false start moved the ball back to the Duncanville forty-three. On second and seventeen Chambers came up the middle but was met by Keenan Blair for no gain. Taylor then hit Fuller in the right flat for a gain of thirty-seven and down to the Duncanville six. Timberview was flagged for another false start and then Taylor rushed up the middle for four yards, but an incomplete pass to Brandon Simmons brought up fourth and goal from the twelve. Cannon came on and kicked a twenty-nine yard field goal to make the score 21-17 Duncanville with 5:28 remaining in the third quarter.

Duncanville took the kickoff out to the thirty, but a holding call brought it back to the Panther twenty. On the next three plays Cole rushed for a total of eight yards, but a personal foul and Timberview brought the ball out to the Duncanville forty-three and gave the Panthers a fresh set of downs. Cole then ran over the left for no gain, and up the middle for five yards. Grimes then passed to Cooper on the right side for twelve yards and a first down. On second down Grimes ran up the middle for eight yards to the Timberview twenty-nine and the third quarter came to a close.

On third and one Cole ran hard up the middle and carried several defenders to get the yardage needed for a first down. From the twenty-seven Grimes hit Jeff Thomas in the end zone for a touchdown. There was some confusion after the play as the officials threw a flag, but after discussion it was picked back up. Sifuentes’ PAT made it 28-17, but that would be the last points Duncanville would score for the night.

Timberview only needed four plays to score from the Duncanville kickoff. Brandon Simmons caught the ball at the Timberview six, and brought the ball all the way out to the Duncanville forty yard line. From there Taylor’s first pass would fall incomplete, but Josh Smith would run for thirty-four yards up the middle, for three yards up the middle and then another three yards for a touchdown. Taylor then rushed for a two-point conversion to make the score 28-25 and Timberview had closed to within three points.

Duncanville started their next drive from their own thirty-eight with 10:14 remaining in the fourth. Cole ran right for three, but Duncanville was called for holding and moved back ten yards. Cole then ran up the middle, but lost the ball and the Timberview defense recovered on their thirty-one.

Taylor tried to run up the middle, but Jordan Tolliver made a nice tackle to drop Taylor for a five yard loss. On second down Taylor’s pass to Rickey Gross was broken up by Deangelo Owens, but Gross apparently took offense to the play and was promptly flag fifteen yards for a personal foul and moving the ball back to the Duncanville forty-nine. But Taylor came right back to Gross with a twenty-six yard pass to the left and Gross was finally brought down by Malcolm McKenney. On the next play Taylor ran a bootleg to the left for nine yards, but a false start penalty negated the play and the ball was set on the Duncanville twenty-one. On first and fifteen Ghafona Iduwe threw Taylor for two yard loss. Taylor then hit Jarrett Minnett for a ten-yard pass where he was tackled by Blair. On third and seven Taylor went back to Gross for a seven yard touchdown pass. Cannon’s kick was good and Timberview took the lead for the first time 32-28 with 6:44 remaining in the game.

Duncanville started their drive at their own twenty-two. On the first play Jackson took the ball left for six, but a holding call brought the ball back to the nineteen where it was first and fourteen. Cole took up the middle for two yards, and then Grimes next pass was incomplete and on the third and twelve Grimes was sacked setting up fourth and twenty-two from the twelve-yard line. Zapata came out and punted the ball, but it was downed at the Duncanville twenty-nine yard line with 5:12 remaining in the game.

One play later Josh Smith put Timberview in the end zone again with a twenty-nine yard run up the middle. Cannon’s kick made it 39-28 with Timberview on top.

Duncanville made a great effort to get close the gap, with 5:02 remaining in the game. Grimes hit Cooper on two consecutive pass plays from their own twenty-five to move the ball out to the Duncanville forty-seven. Grime then hit Thomas for a ten-yard pass on the right side. He then went back to Cooper on the left, but it fell incomplete. But, Timbeview was offside on the play and it brought first and five from the Timberview thirty-eight. Grimes hit Thomas on the right for ten yards, but Grimes was thrown for a three-yard loss, bringing up second and thirteen. Grimes went back Thomas for twelve moving the ball down to the Timberview nineteen. Grimes then threw to Thomas in the end zone, but was intercepted by Kevin Hickmon with 2:50 remaining in the game.

Duncanville got a steady dose of Timberview running back Josh Smith to close out the game. Smith ran for thirty-two yards up the middle, then twenty-two yards. Smith was thrown for a two-yard loss and Charles Taylor ran for no yards to bring up third and twelve from the Duncanville twenty-eight. Taylor then ran for nineteen yards up the middle for a first down at the Duncanville nine. From there Taylor took a knee to close out the game with the final score Mansfield Timberview 39 and Duncanville 28.

Duncanville moves to 3-2 in district play and takes on Mansfield Legacy back at R.L. Anderson Stadium next week, before closing out district play against Cedar Hill at home. Timberview takes on Midlothian next week at Mansfield’s Vernon Newsom Stadium, before closing out against Grand Prairie at the Grand Prairie Gopher-Warrior Bowl.


Name Comp Att Pct Yds TD INT
Deandre Grimes 13 19 68.42 162 2 1


Name Att Yds Yds/Att TD
William Jackson 6 33 5.5 0
Jaquan Cole 19 93 4.89 2
Deandre Grimes 15 66 4.4 0


Name Rec Yds Yds/Catch TD
Jaquan Cole 1 24 24 0
Jeff Thomas 6 76 12.7 2
Terry Cooper 4 44 11 0
Devante Smith 1 10 10 0


Name Comp Att Pct Yds TD INT
Charles Taylor 9 18 50 138 1 0


Name Att Yds Yds/Att TD
Josh Smith 11 199 18.09 2
Cameron Chambers 4 34 8.5 1
Charles Taylor 19 118 6.21 1


Name Rec Yds Yds/Catch TD
D’andre Fuller 3 51 17 0
Rickey Gross 3 50 16.7 1
Cameron Chambers 1 16 16 0
Jarrett Minnitt 2 21 10.5 0


Team Stats

Mansfield Timberview Duncanville
Total yards 484 354
First downs 20 20
Rushes/Yds 36/346 40/192
Average rush 9.61 4.8
Comp-Att-Int 9-18-0 13-19-1
Pass yards 138 162
Comp pct 50 68.42
Punts 1 4
Punting Yards 19 60
Punting Average 19 15
Fumbles-Lost 3-1 1-1
Penalties-yards 15-115 5-43


District 5-5A

Team Overall District
Cedar Hill 8 1 5 0
Mansfield 7 1 4 1
Mansfield Timberview 6 2 3 2
Duncanville 5 3 3 2
South Grand Prairie 3 5 2 3
Mansfield Legacy 2 6 2 3
Midlothian 3 5 1 4
Grand Praire 0 8 0 5


District 5-5A Games October 28, 2011

Location City
Cedar Hill vs
South Grand Prairie
Cedar Hill HS Stadium Cedar Hill, TX
Mansfield Legacy vs
R.L. Anderson Stadium Mansfield, TX
Grand Prairie vs
Gopher-Warrior Bowl Grand Prairie, TX
Mansfield Timberview vs
Vernon Newsome Stadiu Mansfield, TX

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