Duncanville Comeback Falls Short

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This early district play game between Duncanville and Mansfield could have post-season implications.  Mansfield came into the game undefeated and Duncanville had one loss. Both teams were undefeated in district 5-5A play.  Unfortunately, Duncanville didn’t find the same fourth quarter magic that they did against Midlothian last week.

Mansfield won the toss, but elected to defer to the second half.  Trevero Stutsman kickoff for Mansfield sailed through the end zone and Duncanville started their first drive on their own twenty.

Aaron Piper ran to the left for five yards, then Deandre Grimes hit Terry Cooper on the left side for a twelve yard gain and a first down.  Grimes’ next two passes fee incomplete and Piper ran up the middle for three yards before Art Zapata punted on fourth and seven and the ball was downed on the Mansfield thirty-four.

On Mansfield first play from scrimmage they were penalized five yards for illegal procedure, making it first and fifteen. Kenneth Burks rushed up the middle for five yards, Kenneth Burks’ pass to George Baltimore to the right fell incomplete. Burks then ran up the middle for four yards, leading to a Jake Cooks punt that rolled sixty-one yards to be downed on the Duncanville one yard line.

On Duncanville’s next possession they went four and out on two Jaquan Cole runs and an incomplete pass from Grimes to Jeff Thomas. Punting into the wind, Zapata’s punt only went thirty-four yards and was downed on the Duncanville thirty-five.

From there Mansfield only needed three plays to take a seven point lead.  Jerod Evans went up the middle for sixteen yards, George Baltimore rushed for three over the right side, then Evans rushed for twelve yards and went over the goaline. Stusman PAT was good and Mansfield lead 7-0 with 5:52 remaining in the first quarter.

Stutsman’s kickoff went to Jaquan Cole at the five and he returned it out to the twelve.

Piper took the ball up the middle for a one yard gain, then Grimes passed right to Thomas for six yards. Cole lined up as the wildcat and took the direct snap to the left and ran for twelve. Two plays later Grimes took off up the middle for twenty-three yards, then Jaquan Cole snapped off a forty-five yard run over the left side of the line to score Duncanville’s first TD of the evening.  Sifuentes’ kick was blocked and it was 6-7 with 2:17 remaining in the first.

Sifuentes’ kickoff was downed at the thirty with a fair catch signaled by Chris Lampe. On the next play Evans was sacked by Jamaal Fears for an eight yard loss. On second down McKenney broke up a pass from Evans to Montreal Taylor, then Bryan Shanklin ran for two yards bringing up a Cook’s punt that was downed at the Duncanville seventeen.

Grimes went left for thirteen and then right for twenty-four before Piper tried to go up the middle and only got one yard before the first quarter ran out.

On second and ten from the Mansfield forty-six, Grimes hit Piper on a swing pass, but it was called back on a holding penalty, spotting the ball at the Duncanville forty-one and bringing up second and twenty. Grimes ran for three yards and then Grimes threw over the middle to Terry Cooper, but the pass was broken up by Chad Whitener, leading to a Zapata thirty-one yard punt to the Mansfield twenty-two.

Evans rushed for forty-two yards over the right side before he was tackled by Keenan Blair.  Burks then ran for twelve yards on three rushes.  Matt Jones rushed for six yards before being tackled by Ghafona Iduwe.  Then Evans hit Burks on a screen pass on the left side that went for an eighteen yard touchdown.  Stutsman’s PAT was blocked and the score was Mansfield 13 – Duncanville 6 with 8:12 left in the half.

Stutsman’s kick was downed at the Mansfield thirty-one and Duncanville started a twelve play drive for a touchdown. Cole ran for two up the middle and Grimes connected with Terry Cooper for seven-yard pass to the left. Cole then ran for twenty-eight yards over the right to the Mansfield thirty-two yard line. Cole was thrown for two yard loss when he tried to go up the middle and then Grimes was flushed from the pocket and scrambled for a seven yard gain. Duncanville was then penalized for illegal substitution and backed up five yards.  Duncanville then ran an end around with Piper that was good for sixteen yards and took the ball to the Mansfield nine-yard line for a first and goal.  Piper lost a yard on the next play before Grimes hit Cooper for a nine-yard gain to take the ball down to the one-yard line. From there Piper took it up the middle to find the end zone and 6 points. Sifuentes’ kick was good out of the Zapata hold and the score tied at 13-13 with 3:38 remaining in the half.

Sifuentes’ kickoff was taken by Mansfield’s Matt Jones at the 5 and he brought out to the 20 before being tackled by Travonte Wheaton.  Evans threw over the middle to Trent Gow for thirty-five yards and was taken down by Torey Williams at the Duncanville forty-five yard line. Burks ran over the right for eight yards and was tackled by Williams.  Two plays later Burks went for six up the middle and Williams was good for the tackle again, but it was enough for a first down. From there the Duncanville defense stiffened, including a long pass that was broken up by McKenney when Evans tried to go to the endzone from the Duncanville twenty-nine yard line.  On fourth and nine Evans’ pass to Lance Evans fell incomplete and Duncanville took over from there.

Grimes hit Thomas for twelve yards to take the ball to the Duncanville 40 and Grimes hit Zapata for seven to take the ball to the Duncanville forty-seven.  Grimes then took off up the middle for twenty-one yards to get into Tiger territory down to the thirty-two yard line. Grimes’ next pass was tipped and was intercepted at the Mansfield twenty-nine yard line, and one play later the first half ended in a 13-13 tie.

Mansfield started the second half with the ball and only managed to gain four yards before they punted.

Duncanville managed a little better on their next possession. Cole ran for twelve yards to take the ball to the Duncanville forty-two, but a holding penalty two plays later moved the ball back to the Duncanville thirty-four yard line. Grimes scrambled for eight yards to bring up fourth and eleven from the Duncanville forty-two.  Zapata’s punt was downed at the Mansfield twenty-one.

It took five plays for Mansfield to move into Duncanville territory. Burks took the ball over the right for thirty-seven yards and two plays later Bryan Shanklin rushed up the middle for five yards and a touchdown. The PAT snap was bobbled and the score was 13-19 Mansfield with 5:57 remaining in the third quarter.

Stutsman’s kick went out of the end zone and Duncanville took over on the twenty.  Cole ran up the middle for three yards and Grimes hit Zapata for seven on the left.  Grimes then kept the ball and went up the middle for six yards.  Two plays later Grimes hit Cooper for seventeen yards and into Tiger territory. William Jackson took the ball up the middle and broke left for fourteen yards. Grimes then took the ball up the middle and next over the left to cover six yards, but an illegal procedure penalty took Duncanville back five yards to bring up third and nine at the Duncanville thirty-three yard line. Grimes hit William Jackson on a screen pass that was called back for a holding penalty. Grimes next pass to Thomas fell incomplete and Duncanville was forced to punt from their own forty-three yard line, downing it at the fifteen.

On second and ten, Burks rushed for fifteen yards to the thirty yard line and George Baltimore ran for two before the third quarter ended. With the score 13-19 with Mansfield leading.

Burks rushed for two up the middle and Evans followed up the middle on the next play for nine yards and a first down. From the forty-six yard line Burks and Evans combined for fifty-four yards of rushing to get into the end zone. The final six yards came on a Burks run over the left for five yards and a touchdown. On the two point conversion attempt Duncanville was flagged for too many men on the field and on the next play Burks rushed for the two points making the score Mansfield 27, Duncanville 13 with 8:11 remaining in the game.

Duncanville started their drive at their own twenty-three yard line with Cole running left for one yard. Keith Holt then took the ball on a reverse to the right for eleven.  On first and ten from their own thirty-five Grimes hit Jeff Thomas with a long pass on the right for a sixty-five yard touchdown.  Sifuentes’ kick was good and Duncanville had closed the gap to 27-20 in only about a minute and a half.

A fired up Duncanville defense allowed one first down and a Iduwe sack of Evans on a first and ten play from the Mansfield thirty-one brought up second and eighteen. Mansfield was forced to punt from their own thirty-five and Duncanville downed it on their own thirty-nine with 4:09 remaining in the game.

Trying to bring back the magic from last week, Duncanville started driving down the field and three plays later moved into Tiger territory on a Grimes to Keith Holt pass over the middle. But from their Duncanville was unable to move the ball forward and a Grimes pass on fourth and fifteen from the fifty yard line fell incomplete.

Mansfield took five plays to run out the clock for a Tiger victory.


Mansfield Duncanville
Total yards 364 423
First downs 18 19
Rushes/Yds 44/292 34/257
Average rush 6.64 7.56
Comp-Att-Int 7-17-0 11-23-1
Pass yards 72 166
Comp pct 41.18 47.83
Punts 4 5
Punting Yards 175 156
Punting Average 43.75 31.2
Fumbles-Lost 0-0 0-0
Penalties-yards 1-5 5-40


Name Comp Att Pct Yds TD INT
Deandre Grimes 11 23 47.83 166 1 1


Name Att Yds Yds/Att TD
Keith Holt 1 11 11 0
Deandre Grimes 12 111 9.25 0
Jaquan Cole 11 101 9.18 1
William Jackson 2 11 5.5 0
Aaron Piper 8 23 2.88 1


Name Rec Yds Yds/Catch TD
Jeff Thomas 4 90 22.5 1
Keith Holt 1 16 16 0
Terry Cooper 4 47 11.8 0
Art Zapata 2 13 6.5 0


Name Comp Att Pct Yds TD INT
Jerod Evans 7 17 41.18 72 1 0


Name Att Yds Yds/Att TD
Jerod Evans 10 78 7.8 1
Kenneth Burks 28 192 6.86 1
Matt Jones 1 6 6 0
Bryan Shanklin 3 11 3.67 1
George Baltimore 2 5 2.5 0


Name Rec Yds Yds/Catch TD
Trent Gow 1 35 35 0
Kenneth Burks 2 19 9.5 1
Montreal Taylor 1 5 5 0
Lance Evans 3 13 4.3 0

District 5-5A

Team Overall District
Mansfield 6 0 3 0
Cedar Hill 5 1 3 0
Duncanville 4 2 2 1
Mansfield Timberview 4 2 2 1
Mansfield Legacy 2 4 2 1
South Grand Prairie 2 4 1 2
Midlothian 2 4 0 3
Grand Praire 0 6 0 3