Duncanville Celebrates Homecoming Win

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The scoring came quick at the first of the game with each team scoring touchdowns with less than one minute gone in the game.

On the opening kickoff Duncanville fumbled the ball and Midlothian recovered the ball.  Two plays later Midlothian QB Bryce Murphy completed a screen pass to left side to Brendan Cornell for 31 yards and the touchdown. Jordan Diedrich’s PAT out of the Bryce Fausett hold made the score 0-7.

On Duncanville’s first offensive possession Deandre Grimes competed a 25 yard pass to Art Zapata to take the ball to the Midlothian 37. Jaquan Cole made his presence known on the next play by taking the ball over the right side for a 37-yard touchdown run. Hector Sifuentes’ PAT tied the score 7-7 with 11:12 remaining in the first quarter.

On each team’s next possession they took turns fumbling the ball back to each other.  Bryce Murphy took off for a 10-yard run for Midlothian, but fumbled the ball with Keenan Blair recovering for Duncanville. On the very next play Grimes bobbled the pitch on a sweep to right to Aaron Piper and Midlothian recovered the ball.

Midlothian took ball on a long drive from their own 21 and drove the ball down to the Duncanville 9-yard line.  On fourth and three, a Murphy pass fell incomplete and was well defensed by Duncanville’s Tyler Mitchell.

Duncanville took over on their own nine and drove the ball the length of the field.  On third and eight Jaquan Cole ran over the left for thirty-one yards to take the ball to the Duncanville forty-two.  Aaron Piper rushed over the right for twelve, followed by Cole running over the right for sixteen.  Piper contributed nine more yards and Cole another ten before Grimes hit Jeff Thomas on the left side for a six-yard touchdown pass.  The Sifuentes kick made it 14-7 with 3:43 left in the first quarter.

Midlothian brought the kickoff out to their own 39-yard line.  Midlothian’s Patrick Hernandez rushed for 6 yards and then Murphy was thrown for nine-yard loss by Keenan Blair and Ghafona Iduwe.  On third and fourteen, Murphy hit Phillip Smith for a 29-yard gain, and Duncanville was called for a personal foul for roughing the passer and the ball was moved down to the Duncanville 20-yard line.  Six plays later Jake Avery ran right for 2 yards and the touchdown.  The Jordan Diedrich kick tied the game at 14-14 with fifty-nine seconds remaining in the first quarter.

Duncanville started their drive on their thirty-seven.  Piper went over the left for four yards and Cole ran for 12 over the right to the Midlothian forty-seven before the first quarter ended. Unable to move the ball, Duncanville’s Art Zapata punted the ball and it was downed at the seventeen.

Midlothian’s twenty-three play drive took the ball all the way down to the Duncanville fifteen.  A Hernandez run for Midlothian over the left was cut short by a nice open field tackle by Torey Williams. Midlothian had to settle for a 31-yard field goal by Diedrich, leaving only thirty-seven seconds on the clock and giving Midlothian a 3-point lead, 14-17.

Duncanville started their last drive of the half at their own twenty-eight. Jaquan Cole rushed for 17-yards to take the ball out to the Duncanville forty-five.  Grimes hit Terry Cooper for six, and on the last play of the half Grimes hit Thomas for 28 yards to the Midlothian twenty-one when time ran out on the clock.

The third quarter started off just as fast and furious as the first quarter.  Midlothian’s Brendan Cornel returned the Sifuentes kick 86-yards for the touchdown  Diedrich’s PAT gave Midlothian a 24-14 lead.

Chris Canto took the kickoff out to the Duncanville forty-seven.  Grimes ran up the middle for six yards, followed by Piper for ten yards down to the Midlothian thirty-four.  On fourth and four at the Midlothian twenty-eight Piper rushed left for fifteen yards and a first down. William Jackson then ripped off nine yards down to the four-yard line and Cole took it down to the one. But, a personal four brought the ball back out to the sixteen for first and goal. Duncanville got a 29-yard Sifuentes field goal to bring the score back to 17-24 with 5:40 remaining in the third.

It only took Midlothian six plays to move the ball from their own 38 to the end zone.  Runs of fourteen and twenty yards by Hernandez and a ten and fourteen yards by Avery put Midlothian up 31-17 with Diedrich’s PAT.

Cordray Love returned the kick thirty yards to the Midlothian forty-one.  Grimes rushed for seven and five yards before he hit Thomas for 16-yards and put the ball on the Midlothian thirteen.  On fourth and ten Grimes completed a thirteen yard touchdown pass to Thomas. Sifuentes’ kick made it 31-24 with fifty-eight seconds in the third.

Sifuentes’ kickoff was downed for a touchback and Midlothian took over on their own 20-yard line. The Duncanville defense stood strong with tackles by Keenan Blair, a pass broken up by Love and a nine yard sack of Murphy by Iduwe closed out the third quarter.  Midlothian was forced to punt on fourth and twelve and the ball was downed on the Duncanville thirty-nine.

Cole ran the ball three straight plays with runs for eight, six, and twenty-nine yards to take the ball to the Midlothian nineteen.  From there Piper ran over the left for six and up the middle for five to make it first and goal on the eight-yard line. Piper took the ball up the middle again for an eight-yard gain for a touchdown.  Sifuentes’ kick tied the game 31-31 with 9:23 left in the game.

On Midlothian’s first play from scrimmage Murphy hit Daniel Rushing for a thirteen yard gain, but the play was called back on a holding penalty and the ball was moved back to eighteen for a first and twenty. Unable to get a first down, Midlothian punted to Piper, who was tackled at the Duncanville thirty-two yard line.

Jackson rushed for twenty-three yards up the middle to get the ball to the Midlothian forty-five. Duncanville was forced to punt at forty-two and Zapata’s punt rolled out of bounds at the Midlothian five-yard line.

Midlothian started trying to drive the ball down the field, but a Murphy pass was picked off by Senior Gary Lewis at the Midlothian twenty-one. Cole covered the twenty-one yards in four plays to take the ball over the goal line.  The Sifuentes kick gave Duncanville a 38-31 lead.

Midlothian’s Jacob Windsor muffed the kickoff and Midlothian started their drive on their own ten-yard line with 3:16 left in the game.  Surprisingly Midlothian chose to try and run the ball to start the drive. Hernandez ran for seven up the middle and was tackled by Love and Joel Gullett.  Avery carried the ball for four and was brought down by Blair.  On third and two and the twenty-nine Murphy completed a three yard pass to Rushing and then a fourteen yard pass to Lucas Anderson to take the ball to the Midlothian forty-six. Two incomplete passes and Trey Edwards tackled Murphy after a five-yard gain to bring up fourth and five. Murphy’s final pass fell incomplete and Duncanville took over on downs with sixteen seconds remaining in the game.

Midlothian had only two timeouts left and Duncanville was able to take a knee to close out the game and take a 38-31 victory to celebrate homecoming 2011.

Scoring Summary

First Quarter
MID TD 11:41 Brendan Cornel 31-yard pass from Bryce Murphy (Jordan Diedrich
DUN TD 11:12 Jaquan Cole 37-yard run (Hector Sifuentes kick)
DUN TD 3:43 Jeff Thomas 6-yard pass from Deandre Grimes (Hector Sifuentes
MID TD :59 Jake Avery 2-yard run (Jordan Diedrich kick)
Second Quarter
MID FG 0:37 Jordan Diedrich 31-yard field goal
Third Quarter
MID TD 11:46 Brendan Cornel 86-yard kickoff return (Jordan Diedrich kick)
DUN FG 5:40 Hector Sifuentes 28-yard field goal
MID TD 3:21 Jake Avery 14-yard run (Jordan Diedrich kick)
DUN TD 0:58 Jeff Thomas 13-yard pass from Deandre Grimes (Hector Sifuentes
Fourth Quarter
DUN TD 9:23 Aaron Piper 8-yard run (Hector Sifuentes kick)
DUN TD 3:16 Jaquan Cole 5-yard run (Hector Sifuentes kick)


Team Stats

Duncanville Midlothian
Total yards 411 342
First downs 20 20
Rushes/Yds 41/319 36/180
Average rush 7.78 5
Comp-Att-Int 7-16-0 12-27-1
Pass yards 92 162
Comp pct 43.75 44.44
Punts 2 2
Punting Yards 69 83
Punting Average 34.5 41.5
Fumbles-Lost 3-2 1-1
Penalties-yards 6-50 5-30



Name Comp Att Pct Yds TD INT
Deandre Grimes 7 16 43.75 92 2 0


Name Att Yds Yds/Att TD
Jaquan Cole 14 184 13.14 2
William Jackson 4 38 9.5 0
Aaron Piper 12 79 6.58 1
Deandre Grimes 8 32 4 0
Stat Team 3 -14 -4.67 0


Name Rec Yds Yds/Catch TD
Art Zapata 1 25 25 0
Jeff Thomas 4 63 15.8 2
Terry Cooper 1 6 6 0
Aaron Piper 1 -2 -2 0



Name Comp Att Pct Yds TD INT
Bryce Murphy 12 27 44.44 162 1 1


Name Att Yds Yds/Att TD
Brendan Cornel 1 9 9 0
Patrick Hernandez 14 84 6 0
Jake Avery 6 34 5.67 2
Najer Mustafaa 2 8 4 0
Bryce Murphy 13 45 3.46 0


Name Rec Yds Yds/Catch TD
Phillip Smith 5 94 18.8 0
Brendan Cornel 3 35 11.7 1
Lucas Anderson 2 18 9 0
Daniel Rushing 2 15 7.5 0



Team Overall District
Mansfield 5 0 2 0
Duncanville 4 1 2 0
Cedar Hill 3 2 2 0
South Grand Prairie 2 3 1 1
Mansfield Legacy 1 4 1 1
Mansfield Timberview 3 2 0 2
Midlothian 2 3 0 2
Grand Prairie 0 5 0 2