Duncanville Bounces Back and Secures 4th Quarter Comeback

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High Hats and cheerleaders during the alma mater

For three quarters, it appeared that South Grand Prairie might come out on top of this contest, but the Panthers scored thirteen unanswered points in the fourth quarter to secure the win.

Duncanville took the opening kickoff and the Warrior defense held them to four downs and out. Duncanville only moved the ball three yards and Art Zapata came in to punt the ball down to the SGP thirty-two yard line.

The Duncanville defense returned the favor and four plays, and only two yards gained, later punter Jesse Hawkins for SGP punted the ball away.  Malcolm McKenney muffed the punt and SGP recovered on the Duncanville thirty-four.

The first two plays of the drive were whistled dead before the snap.  First SGP was called for false start and moved back five yards, then Duncanville was offsides and we were back to the original line of scrimmage.  SGP quarterback Jared Johnson ran up the middle for four yards, then hooked up with Tomorris Hamilton for a eleven-yard gain. From there running back, Leonard Aikens went up the middle for one, over the right for six, and then back up the middle for another yard. Both Keenan Blair and Michael Delaney made big tackles to hold SGP to a sixteen-yard field goal by Johnny Armijo.

Panthers ready to cut loose

With 7:22 left in the first, SGP led by a score of 3-0.

Jeff Thomas took the SGP kick at the thirty and ran the ball out to the Duncanville forty-one. Jaquan Cole got his first carry on a seven yard run over the left. Deandre Grimes hit Piper, but he was dropped for a one-yard loss.  Grimes then ran over the right for four and then on fourth and one, Cole pushed through for the first down. Cole then went for twelve up the middle and on the next play, Cole’s long pass to Jeff Thomas fell incomplete.  Piper then carried the ball over the right for six, and Grimes ran left and cut back up the middle on a nice five-yard gain.  On first and ten from the twenty-five, Grimes connected this time with Thomas for six yard and then went left to Terry Cooper for 3 yards. Aaron Piper then went seventeen yards up the middle for a Duncanville touchdown. Hector Sifuentes’ kick was good and Duncanville now led 7-3 with 3:55 left in the first quarter.

Recognition Night

The Warriors started their drive on their own thirty-three. Johnson was forced to scramble and was able to get back to the line of scrimmage before being tackled by most of the defensive line. On second down Johnson hit Quran Barton for nine yards.  Duncanville was then whistled for offsides on the next play, giving SGP a first down.  Aikens then ran right for nine before being tackled by Trey Edwards, and then Aikens went left for twenty-four.  Johnsons pass to Barton went for only two yards and his pass to Louis Daley was broken up by Cordray Love.  Armijo’s thirty-five yard field goal attempt was short, and Duncanville took over on their own twenty with 0:28 on the clock.

On the first play of the drive, the ball was snapped over Grimes’ head and was recovered in the end zone by the Warriors’ Aaron Belt for a Warrior touchdown and SGP was leading 9-7.

Duncanville got the kickoff out to their own thirty-eight where Cole ran left for ten and Grimes ran left for twelve to put the ball on the Warrior thirty-eight and time expired in the first quarter.

Duncanville was only able to gain a total of three more yards on two Cole runs and an incomplete pass from Grimes to Thomas and on fourth down Zapata punted it away and ball was downed at the eight-yard line.

Choir sings the National Anthem

Aiken’s ran left for five, and Johnson was run out of bounds by McKenney and Cole. Johnson then ran for seven up the middle before being tackled by Torey Williams. The defense was flagged for pass interference on the next play and ball as moved out to the SGP forty-two. Johnson then hit Barton for eight, with Edwards making the tackle at the fifty. Two Johnson incomplete passes and a Johnson run to the right lead to a Hawkins punt that went into the end zone with 7:35 remaining in the second quarter.

Cole ran for two up the middle and then Duncanville was flagged for illegal motion Duncanville had nine penalties for eighty-five yards on the evening. A Grimes to Thomas pass was incomplete and on third and thirteen Grimes was thrown for an eleven yard loss.  Zapatata punted again and the ball was downed on the Duncanville thirty-five.

Johnson ran up the middle for five yards, and Aiken carried for five, Marquintin Grant for ten, and then Aikens for another four.  SGP was able to move the ball all the way down to the Duncanville eleven-yard line.  Then SGP was hit for a five-yard false start penalty, a Johnson incomplete pass, and then a ten-yard holding penalty to bring up second and twenty-six from the Panther twenty-six. Aikens was tackled for no gain, and then Johnson was sacked for an eleven-yard loss by Ghafona Iduwe forcing an SGP punt that went into the end zone.

With 1:34 remaining in the half, Duncanville tried to strike quickly. Grimes hit Thomas for a thirty-yard pass down the right sideline. William Jackson ran up the middle for eight, Grimes scrambled for ten and then Jackson was thrown for a four-yard loss.  On second and fourteen Grimes was sacked for an eight-yard loss. Grimes tried to hit Thomas long again, but it fell incomplete. On fourth and twenty-two Duncanville took the delay of game penalty to give Zapata an opportunity for a better kick.  From the Panther forty-five, Zapata booted the ball down to the Warrior three-yard line where it was downed.

SGP took a knee to go into the locker room with a 9-7 lead.

SGP got the ball to start the second half at their own twenty-three. Aikens ran left, but was met by most of the Panther defensive line for a five-yard loss. A Johnson to Terry Lightfoot pass was well defended by McKenney. On the next play, Johnson took off from his own eighteen and did not stop running until McKenney pushed him out of bounds at the Duncanville fourteen. Aikens ran left for two, left again for eight yards, and up the middle for two to bring up second and goal from the two-yard line. From there Freddy Salcido did the honors and took the ball into the end zone for six points. The Armijo kick was good and SGP took a 16-7 lead.

The Panthers then went on a fourteen-play drive that took up almost six minutes of the third quarter, taking the ball all the way down to the SGP eighteen.  But, the final three plays of the drive were a three-yard loss on a run by Cole, Grimes being sacked for eleven-yards, and then Grimes slipping and falling for a six-yard loss, bringing up fourth and thirty-two from the Warrior thirty-nine. Zapata punted the ball out of bounds at the SGP sixteen-yard line.

With 3:17 remaining in the third quarter, SGP took over on offense and Aikens ran left for four, and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty was called on the Panthers, moving the ball out to the Warrior thirty-five. Johnson tried to hit Hamilton, but it was broken up by Tyler Mitchell. Johnson then hit Louis Dailey for four-yards before being tackled by Edwards. Johnson’s next pass to Mitchell fell incomplete and Hawkins punt was downed at the Panther twenty-three.

The Panthers next went on a ten-play drive that started with 2:25 left in the third, and DHS hit the end zone with 10:48 remaining in the fourth.  Grimes passed to Cooper for eight, Piper went for runs of seven, one, sixteen and two yards, taking the ball out to the Warrior forty-yard line. Cole then took over with runs of twenty-seven, zero, nine, three, and finally a one-yard run from first and goal on the one to score the touchdown. Sifuentes’ kick was good and the Panthers had closed it to 14-16 with 10:48 remaining in the game.

SGP took the ball at their own thirteen and Eddie Smith went up the middle for nineteen-yard run. Two plays later Johnson was sacked for nine-yard loss Iduwe and on third and twenty Johnson threw long and it was picked off by Torey Williams at the Duncanville twenty-five.

On Duncanville’s next play from scrimmage, Grimes hit Thomas for a forty-four yard pass play to take the ball down to the Warrior thirty-one. William Jackson ran left for eighteen, and on the next play, the offense was hit with a holding penalty.  Grimes went back to Thomas for a nine-yard completion, and Jackson went left for six, but was thrown for a two-yard loss on the next play. On fourth and six Sifuentes drilled it through the uprights for a twenty-six yard field goal and Duncanville now led 17-16 with 6:10 remaining in the game.

SGP had the ball on their own thirty-two when Aikens took off right and ran for seventeen yards, followed by a fifteen-yard personal foul to move the ball to the Panther forty. A couple of short runs, a false start penalty and two incomplete passes, one on fourth and eleven, and Duncanville had the ball with about four minutes left and the ball on their forty-one.

The Duncanville offense was all about Jaquan Cole on the next drive.  Cole had runs of nine, nine, two, four and thirty-two to take the ball down to the two-yard line. From there the ball was bobbled and the ball went back to the four, Cole ran for minus two and a Grimes to Cooper pass fell incomplete.  Sifuentes came in and kicked an eleven-yard field goal to make the score 20-16 Duncanville.

Sifuentes kickoff went to Eddie Smith at the seven, and he returned it all the way to the fifty-yard line.  SGP was only able to move the ball eighteen more yards.  Passes broken up by McKenney, and Tyler Mitchell, along with tackles by Blair and McKenney led the defensive stand by Duncanville. On fourth and three from the thirty-two, Johnson’s pass fell incomplete.

Duncanville took over on downs at their own thirty and took a knee in victory formation to secure the 20-16 victory.



South Grand Prairie

Total yards 333 267
First downs 23 17
Rushes/Yds 47/206 37/222
Average rush 4.38 6
Comp-Att-Int 9-16-0 7-23-1
Pass yards 127 45
Comp pct 56.25 30.43
Punts 5 4
Punting Yards 164 148
Punting Average 32.8 37
Fumbles-Lost 3-1 0-0
Penalties-yards 9-85 6-45


Name Comp Att Pct Yds TD INT
Deandre Grimes 9 16 56.25 127 0 0


Name Att Yds Yds/Att TD
Aaron Piper 7 52 7.43 1
Jaquan Cole 24 170 7.08 1
William Jackson 4 9 2.25 0
Deandre Grimes 12 -25 -2.08 0


Name Rec Yds Yds/Catch TD
Jeff Thomas 6 118 19.7 0
Terry Cooper 2 11 5.5 0
Aaron Piper 1 -2 -2 0


Name Comp Att Pct Yds TD INT
Jared Johnson 7 23 30.43 45 0 1


Name Att Yds Yds/Att TD
Eddie Smith 2 43 21.5 0
Jared Johnson 10 78 7.8 0
Freddy Salcido 2 9 4.5 1
Leonard Aikens 20 86 4.3 0
Marquintin Grant 2 6 3 0
Jerry Major 1 0 0 0


Name Rec Yds Yds/Catch TD
Tomorris Hamilton 1 11 11 0
Kelvin Brigham 1 8 8 0
Quran Barton 3 19 6.3 0
Louis Dailey 1 4 4 0
Bryan Ajumobi 1 3 3 0


District 5-5A

Team Overall District
Mansfield 7 0 4 0
Cedar Hill 7 1 4 0
Duncanville 5 2 3 1
Mansfield Timberview 5 2 3 1
Mansfield Legacy 2 5 2 2
South Grand Prairie 2 5 1 3
Midlothian 2 5 0 4
Grand Praire 0 7 0 4


District 5-5A Games October 21, 2011

Location City
Mansfield Timberview vs
R.L. Anderson Stadium Mansfield, TX
South Grand Prairie vs
Manfield Legacy (2-1)
Gopher-Warrior Bowl Grand Prairie, TX
Grand Prairie vs
Midlothian HS Stadium Midlothian, TX
Cedar Hill vs
Cedar Hill HS Stadium Cedar Hill, TX