DHS Velocity Choir Receives Educational Foundation Grant

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Originally posted on Duncanville Panther Prints by  in Campus Happenings on January 10, 2013 1:08 pm

Choir Director Susan Khestinejad began to tear up as a group from the Duncanville Education Foundation walked into the room where she was working with the Velocity show Choir January 10. By the time she realized what was happening the foundation President Bobby Turner began to explain.

Tears of joy filled Choir Director Susan Khestinejad’s eyes as the Duncanville Education Foundation President Bobby Turner presented
her with a check for $5,796.50 to purchase instruments for the Velocity Show choir. (staff photo)

“To the young people I want to thank you for representing this school and this community so well,” Turner said. “We are excited to be able to present this check to you and we’re looking forward to a great year from you this year.”

The Duncanville Velocity Show Choir was presented a check from the foundation for over $5,796.50 during their class. Kheshtinejad said she plans to use the money to add live music to the choir’s performances instead of using previous recorded tracks.

“We’ve been limited because we have been playing tracks behind us all the time,” Khestinejad sadi. “So you can’t take a lot of music liberty by having tracks when you can have live music. This money will help us take our shows to another level by adding live music.”

Khestinejad said she plans to have the equipment ready for them to use by the time they do their show Footloose in the Spring.