DHS Student Has Billiard Future in the Pocket

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photo provided by Duncanville ISD

Duncanville HS sophomore Jose Herrera recently won the Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) Junior Texas State Championship, and is on his way to Greenfield, Wisconsin in July for Junior Nationals. “It releases all the stress that I have.  When I play I feel like I’m in another world,” Jose explains.  “You just have to have a passion for it like I do to understand it.”

Jose’s sister Julissa, who attends Brandenburg Intermediate, will be joining him for a chance to go to the World Championships. She had her first competition experience in playing for the Billiard Education Foundation contest. “I hope to go further and maybe go to the World Championships someday,” she explains.

Jose plans to bring home the Junior Nationals title this summer.  He has competed in the APA Junior League, won two Top Gun awards out of three sessions, and has several patches for 9 on the break. His team has won first place twice in three sessions.

“I was happy, excited, and proud when I won the Championship,” Jose said. “I can see myself playing billiards as a career. I enjoy meeting different people and plan to stay in school and try to get a scholarship with my talent.”

For more information on the BEF Junior Texas State Championship, read the AZBilliards.com story here.  More information on the Billiard Education Foundation can be found here.