DHS Human Geography Holds Food Festival for First Graders

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It was a lesson that turned into a life-changing experience. During their study of agriculture, Duncanville High School teacher David Williams showed his AP Human Geography classes a clip from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. “It showed how little first graders in Huntington, West Virginia knew about vegetables,” he explained. “That got me thinking, ‘What should a first grader know about the geography of agriculture?'” That thought, coupled with classroom conversations, sparked the idea for a Food Festival at Bilhartz Elementary.

Contacting his son’s first grade teacher Jada Lee, Williams initiated a learning partnership between the two schools. “I wanted to give my students an authentic audience,” he said. “I wanted to connect them to other members of their community, and I also wanted them to see that geography is for every age and has applications to real life.”

With the goal of helping Bilhartz students learn about agriculture and how they are connected to their food, the high school students formed groups, chose topics, and built a booth. At the festival, Bilhartz students were given a Food Festival Passport and received stickers from each booth they visited. The booths were very interactive: kids planted carrot seeds, pretended to harvest by digging up vegetables, played matching games, and even “traveled” to other continents. “I am so proud of how hard my students worked,” commented Williams. “The booths were excellent, their demeanor with the (younger) students was excellent, and their understanding of the material was excellent.”

Bilhartz students also found the event a success. Bilhartz Assistant Principal Connie Shands said that they couldn’t stop talking about the festival as they were getting on the bus. “My son got in the car and showed me his passport and his carrot seed,” added Williams. “It was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had as an educator. I am also very appreciative of the Bilhartz staff for inviting us in. Their students were so well-behaved, which was key to making the event successful.”

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  1. My grand daughter goes to Bilhartz and is in Ms. Lee’s class. When I picked her up she was so proud of her carrot. We have it growing in the window at home until we can transplant it to our vegetable garden. It gets a great deal of attention and love everyday. Kudos to Mr Williams and his class.

    Greg Smith
    Monday, January 16, 2012 at 10:51 am