DHS Homecoming Court Honored

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Prior to Friday night’s football game, the Homecoming Court was announced and the following people were crowned.

Choir Sweetheart nominees were Brittni Bell, Brittany Walker and Kristin Hill was crowned Choir Sweetheart.

Band Sweetheart nominees were Jamia Brooks, K’Deidra Morrison, and Tatiana Marceleno was named Band Sweetheart.

Football Sweetheart nominees were Desiree Grace, Stephanie Salas, and Kyra Shaw was named Football Sweetheart.

Freshman Princess nominees were Brianna Lidle, Samantha Vail, and Azja Stanton was named Freshman Princess.

Sophomore Princess nominees were Kamari Holloway, Colleen Hunt, Priscilla Leal-Arizpe, and Jenna Lopez was named Sophomore Princess.

Junior Princess nominees were Valaire Cordova, Micaela Henson, Kayla Lopez, and Terika Williams was named Junior Princess.

Homecoming King nominees were Shawn Everitt, Garrett Kheshtinejad, Patrick Magistrado, Giles Prather, and Hector Sifuentes was named the Homecoming King.

Nominees for Homecoming Queen were Halley Backus, Rachel Cartmell, Jazmine Harper, Leslie Reyes, and Cyndi Joubert was named the 2011 Homecoming Queen.  Cyndi Joubert was crowned by Student Council Homecoming Co-Chair Delecia Connley, and last year’s Homecoming Queen, Emily Villarreal.