DHS Football Not Selling Advertising for T-Shirts

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Don’t be caught up in the sports scam

The offices of MyDuncanville.com received a phone call today from a number in Grapevine, Texas that was seeking advertising for t-shirts for the Duncanville Football program. If we would simply purchase space, or name would appear on the back of the t-shirt with all of the other supporters.

The call from 817-809-4800 already had us on alert because MyDuncanville.com had written stories about bogus t-shirt advertising in 2011 (DISD Athletics Programs Ad Scam), and in particular an April 13, 2015 article headlined Scam Attempts to Rip-Off Football Supporters. The number that called in April was a White Settlement listing at 817-806-1800 and a web search showed that it belonged to United Specialty Advertising.

scamalertHowever, we became even more suspicious whenever the caller asked if we ever attended any games. This was given the fact that MyDuncanville.com covers DHS athletics.

The caller even got more on edge when I informed her that I had not heard anything about this type of fundraiser and was shocked by this because athletic director Cathy Self-Morgan was a friend of ours. I then notified the caller that I would be calling Self-Morgan to inquire about the advertising.

A return phone call to the number was answered and they stated that the name of the business was Touchdown Sports. A web search for the phone number failed to show any additional information, other than a Craigslist ad for an inside sales position. A search for “Touchdown Sports” in Grapevine came back with no results.

Self-Morgan was notified of the call and said that, “Hope no one is falling for this.”

Mr. Steve Martin, Duncanville Chamber President/CEO said this was the third call his heard about this year.

In a story published in the Helena County Reporter on Tuesday, October 6, 2015, the Helena Business Association was warning business owners in Helena about the same scam, involving the same phone number.

You are encouraged to come out and support the football team and the rest of the Duncanville High School athletics, and buy some of their gear being sold by the school, just don’t throw your money away to scammers.