DHS Class of 1978 Looking for Classmates

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On August 23, 2011 David Leath started our group on Facebook. Not knowing he had started the group, Gladys Walker started a group on August 27.

While trying to find people to put into the group we discovered we had two groups started.  We combined our groups and joined forces to find as many classmates as we could.

With the help of our classmates that we had already found and are still finding, we are up to 239 classmates found and many more found but still need to be added.

We have created albums for pictures from the various grade schools, two junior highs and one high school.  Our classmates have commented on how great it is to get in touch with their old classmates.

Recently, we have started playing a game called “Find That Classmate” where we post a picture of a classmate that we haven’t found yet and everybody has to guess who it is.  It’s been a lot of fun.  We also have a Memory Book which lets everybody know, those who have passed on.

To celebrate the new site, there is an informal alumni gathering planned.  Members of the class of 1978 will be meeting at the 2011 DHS Homecoming Football game on Friday, September 30.

If you would be interested in attending and sitting with the group, please text your name and the number of tickets needed to Pam DeWeerd at 972-989-4520,  on or before Tuesday, September 27.

If you would be interested in joining the group on Facebook, join the Class of 1978 Duncanville High School group at http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/116247638475607/

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