Deuntae Pegues, “Dallas’ Best Dressed Man”

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Thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation

Deuntae arrives at Macy's

For 16-year-old DISD student Deuntae Pegues the day started like any other.

“I went to school, Art, English II, and a meeting about the school newspaper,” said Deuntae. However, during the day things got exciting. When he was called out of his classroom just after 11:30, he was met by his fellow students, the band, his family, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation of North Texas.

Deuntae is diagnosed with, and is battling, pineoblastoma, a rare and potentially life-threatening brain tumor.

After his big send-off at the Mary E. Smithey PACE Learning Center, Deuntae was taken by limousine to his favorite restaurant, Razzoo’s.

Walking the red carpet

“I couldn’t eat much, and I usually eat a lot when I go there,” said Deuntae.

After lunch the limousine drove he and his family to the Macy’s at Northpark Mall in Dallas where he was met by television cameras, the red carpet, balloons, and store employees waiting to greet him. Macy’s manager Becky Brockey personally greeted him and introduced him to the employees that would be assisting him. Seen throughout the stores were signs welcoming Deuntae to the store and calling him “Dallas’ best dressed man!”

Ralph Lauren is Deuntae’s favorite designer and Make-A-Wish, Macy’s and some first-time Wish Granters teamed up for a shopping spree.

Manager Becky Brockey greets Deuntae

After the brief introductions, it was time to get busy. First, Deuntae dropped off hundreds of letters to Santa’s “Believe” mailbox.

The “Believe” campaign is Macy’s holiday season-long effort that elevates the message of goodwill and generosity through an uplifting campaign to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Through December 24, everyone across the country can drop off letters – stamped and addressed to Santa At The North Pole – at Macy’s Santa Mail letterbox. For each letter received, Macy’s will donate $1 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation up to $1 million.

After dropping off the letters, he held his first press conference and thanked the Make-A-Wish Foundation and his Wish Granters.

Deuntae delivering "Santa's" mail

“It’s so amazing that I get to be a celebrity for a day. It’s so exciting,” says Deuntae. “I want to say thank, thank you again, and thank you times three. This is the best Christmas, and a day I will remember forever.”

LaDarrell Pegues, Deuntae’s father, proudly looked at his son, and Deuntae noticed a tear rolling down his father’s cheek. “You crying already daddy,” asked Deuntae. He was assured that it was tears of happiness.

Deuntae was then led to his personal dressing room, complete with a red star with his name, and met with his personal stylist from Macy’s, Willie Williams. Williams had already selected several outfits for Deuntae to start with, including jackets, pants, shirts, wallets and shoes.

Deuntae talking with the press

While Deuntae was looking over the clothes, his father explained a little of what Deuntae had gone through.

“When we first found out, it was difficult. He’s gone through chemo and radiation and he has beat that. He’s got a few other things to face, but we’ll beat those too,” said LaDarrell.

Watching on with everyone was first-time Wish Granters Kyle and Katy Miller of Dallas.

“We have always admired the work of Make-A-Wish,” said Katy Miller. “Deuntae is such a wonderful kid.”

After looking over the selections made by Williams, Deuntae was taken to the second floor, through the Ralph Lauren area, and through the Levi jeans where he made selections to take back to his dressing room to try on.

After visiting Macy’s, a trip to the Ralph Lauren store in Northpark Mall was still on the schedule.

If you are interested in helping with Make-A-Wish Foundation, you can contact them at 214-496-9474, or at their website,

Deuntae’s day started out normally, but a lot of people came together to make sure he ended it as “Dallas’ Best Dressed Man.”

3 Responses to Deuntae Pegues, “Dallas’ Best Dressed Man”

  1. I’m a friend of his mother and I want her to know that she has been an amazing strong woman throughout this ordeal.Hopefully, some of the large companies can give her a day like this as well.I remember when visiting with her and Deuntae at Children’s Hospital and seeing the look on her face trying to hold back tears to be strong for her son, but as I would always tell her,”This is in God’s hand and he will bring you out of this trial as pure gold.Deuntae has been through alot, losing his grandfather while going through this,an ill step-father and trying his best to get better for hs mother.I pray that this horrible disease stay in remission and to his mother, I love you because you’ve been there for me when I was going through life obstables.At the end of the day we can say “We won and over came this obstable.Love you both,

    Ruby C. Omolaja

    Ruby C. Omolaja
    Tuesday, December 13, 2011 at 2:12 pm

  2. My heart felt thanks to the ones who made Deuntae’s
    wish come true. I know this is an encouragement to
    his mother, Camelia. Her faith and love are a healing
    force in all of our lives.

    Robin Brashier
    Wednesday, December 14, 2011 at 9:02 am

  3. This is the greatest gift and as tears come to my eyes to see his smiles and excitement. The Best Dressed Man in Dallas is blessed beyond measure, with his mom and dad by his side. Thank you three times over. Much love to The family and may God continue to bless you many times over!!!!!!!!! Looking Good in that limo!!!!!!
    Love Reese

    Teresa Delley
    Wednesday, December 14, 2011 at 9:41 am