DBU Baseball in Dominican Republic – Day 1

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Depending on ones station in life, it was either an early, early morning for the DBU Patriot Baseball Team or it was a late night as players and administrators departed from campus at 3:00 on Saturday morning for the Dominican Republic and the opportunity to serve and play in the communities surrounding Santo Domingo.

Forty seven members of the program left the comforts and familiarity of home to spend Fall Break sharing the love of Christ with the people of Santo Domingo, Boca Chica, and other areas around the capital city and most of Saturday was spent traveling. A quick layover in Atlanta allowed the team to grab some breakfast before a three hour flight put the team in the Dominican right around lunch time. Met there by two buses, the team loaded bags into a truck and headed to the hotel in Boca Chica. After a quick hamburger lunch, players and coaches crossed the street to a city baseball park where children were already out playing sandlot baseball in the outfield. By the time players started their stretching in centerfield, word was already out that the city park had been taken over by an unfamiliar group and more kids started showing up by the handful. By the end of batting practice, there were 40 kids playing catch with DBU players, taking ground balls, and taking part in a makeshift sandlot game down the rightfield line. What had started out as a team practice ended as a time for the Patriots to bring smiles to kids and a chance to introduce themselves to the community around the hotel.

“It was fun,” said Senior Landon Anderson. “There were kids of all ages out there. A couple of the older kids could really play. We just tried to have some fun with them, give them a chance to play the game, and hopefully it was a memorable experience for them.”

Sunday will be another early morning for the team as they travel to an orphanage in a neighboring city before preparing for their first competition of the tour in the afternoon. Sunday evening, the team will visit a Christian church and take part in a Spanish-language service.