David Lynn Weir August 13, 1952 – April 19, 2017

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Here are a few memories from Susie to all of David’s friends and family who loved him and will miss him dearly and profoundly.

David had a true affection for animals. He loved all animals, great and small. He especially loved his beloved wonder dog, Shadow. Shadow was a happy dog who sincerely loved little children. Faithfully each day David would make sure that he and Shadow were sitting on the patio to see the little school children pass by on their way home to exchange waves and greetings. This was a highlight of both of their days.

David would also feed and water the wild birds and other small creatures every day. The animals never seemed to shy away from David as he interacted with them.

David also planted flowers every spring. The beautiful flowers are now lifting up their heads toward heaven, smiling up at David.

I (Susie) trusted David with all of my heart. He was my shelter from so many different things. He was forever kind and generous. You must understand there will never be another like my dear David. He was my Hero.

David absolutely loved the many occasions that he spent with his family. He cherished and loved singing with his grandchildren. He would always remind me (Susie) to talk with them and to play with them, for they are our precious little children. I believe that David was forever young at heart.

David was a long standing member of the United Association of Pipefitters and steam fitters. He was initiated June 23, 1975 into the Local 100. For many years David worked alongside his father, Robert Weir and many other well remembered friends and co-workers.

He also attended the Grace Place Church of Christ in Duncanville, Texas. He loved his church family very much and will be dearly missed by many of his special friends.

David leaves behind the lives of those he loved very much. They too will miss him greatly. David is survived by his loving wife, Susie; children, Adrienne Sadler, James Neff and his wife, April; grandchildren, Zoe, Karis and Kiersten; mother-in-law, Betty Stogsdill; aunt-in-law, Dorris Forrester; and many other loving family members.

He was born August 13, 1952, in Dallas, Texas to his parents, Robert Weir and Lois Weir. David was a wonderful son.

His love for us will be remembered in our hearts forever.
I love you, David.


David’s life will be celebrated with a memorial service at Grace Place Church of Christ, 402 W. Danieldale Rd., Duncanville, TX.

Service schedule is currently pending.