David Daniels – Nation Merit Scholar Program Semi-Finalist

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Planning for the future seems to fill David Daniels’ days completely as he begins his senior year at Duncanville High School.

“I’m in the process of doing a whole bunch of applications right now,” he explains.  He’s referring to the college application process, which can almost seem like a full-time job for a high school student.  His first choice is Rice University, but he’s also interested in the Plan II Honors Program at the University of Texas at Austin, as well as out-of-state programs at Washington University in St. Louis and Emory University in Atlanta.  The application process for these schools is very competitive, and he was overjoyed to find out he had been named a 2013 Semifinalist in the National Merit Scholar Program based on his PSAT scores.  He’s hoping this extra feather in his resume cap will boost his appeal to schools where he wants to pursue his dreams of medical research.
Daniels spent the first two years of his life in Europe, and lived in Africa with his missionary parents until the age of five.  He shudders as he remembers seeing people die from malaria, having had it twice himself.

This shift to a medical undergraduate major is recent; until twelfth grade, Daniels was interested in playing the oboe professionally.  “I like playing the oboe.  I’ve played it from sixth through twelfth grade.”  And he plays it well – Daniels made All-State Band as a sophomore, and has been the first chair oboe player in All-Region band the last three years.  He plans to practice and work hard to keep that streak alive this year.

But being named a Semifinalist for the National Merit Scholar Program adds more work to his plate as well, as Daniels strives to be considered for selection as a Finalist.  The program chooses these winners from among Semifinalists based upon scores, resume, and application material the students submit.  Daniels will find out if he is selected as a finalist within the next few months.