City to Conduct Resident Survey

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The City of Duncanville wants to know what residents think about our community and City government. As a result, the City has contracted with National Research Center, Inc. to conduct a general survey of resident attitudes about local quality of life, quality of service delivery, resident activity and resident demography.

The survey has been mailed to 1,200 randomly selected addresses evenly distributed throughout our five single-member districts. If your household received a survey, we sincerely hope that you will take a few minutes to complete the survey and return it in the postage-paid return envelope.

Your answers will help the City Council make decisions that affect our community while providing perspectives on service delivery and community quality of life that cannot be deduced from complaints or comments at public meetings.

You should find the questions interesting and we will definitely find your answers useful. Please be assured that your identity will not be revealed – your responses will remain completely anonymous.