City Council Scheduled to Meet Twice This Week

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Items of concern can be found on both agendas, and in the councilmember packets. Including the dissolution of the Keep Duncanville Beautiful Board, Duncanville Community Multicultural Commission, and the Certified Retirement Community Oversight Committee, which will be incorporated into the Duncanville Community Board on Thursday night.

On the surface the agenda for the regular council meeting being held on Tuesday, August 7, is fairly innocent.

Former Mayor David Green and former councilmember Grady W. Smithey will be recognized for their service at the start of the meeting.

The first item of concern is the second consent agenda item,  Approval of First and Second Amendment to contract with CA Forensics, LLC. For forensic accounting regarding Main Station Duncanville, Ltd.

In the council packet the contract was not to exceed $20,000.00. The first amendment ups the maximum to $23,500.00 and the second amendment ups it to $26,537.50. The detailed billing shows 10.20 hours on teleconferences with Counsel, emails to Counsel, phone calls to Monte Anderson, preparation for an evening meeting and participation at length in the City Council session. There is also 3.30 hours billed for emails and calls to Monte Anderson, and his attorney, as well as emails to/from the city’s law firm.

Item 4 on the agenda is a public hearing on the proposed FY 2012-2013 Hotel/Motel Tax Budget. Four entities have requested funds; the Duncanville Community Theater, the International Museum of Cultures is requesting $25,000.00, the Chamber of Commerce has asked for funding ($15,000.00) to run a Visitor’s Center, and the Duncanville Lions Club has requested $15,000.00 for the Sandra Meadows Classic Girls Varsity Basketball Tournament.

Last year the council refused to fund the Visitor’s Center, and provided funds to the International Museum of Cultures for an “Electronic Field Trip” for virtual visitors that did not help with motel occupancy, or bring visitors to the local restaurants.

The Sandra Meadows Classic brings basketball teams from around the country, and this year internationally, to Duncanville. The money from the Hotel/Motel tax goes straight back into the hotels to aid in providing rooms for the visiting teams. In addition, teams are directed to Duncanville restaurants for food. All games are played on the Duncanville High School campus.

Such use of Hotel/Motel Tax money should be closely looked at, especially in light of the current councils stance on the use of public funds needing to be used for a public purpose, and exactly how that applies to giving money to an entity that is now outside the City of Duncanville city limits. The other entities seeking funds bring people to Duncanville that stay in our hotels and frequent our restaurants.

Item 7 is to discuss and consider possible action on the Economic Development Incentive Agreement for real property located East Davis Street executive September 6, 2011.

This is an agreement with Monte Anderson for an agreement and was placed on the agenda by Councilmember Leslie Thomas.

While some of this is slightly troubling, the packet included for each councilmember held the most troubling news for Tuesday night.

Inside the packet was information on The Nediam Company, and Chief Executive Officer Terrence Maiden. Terrance Maiden, and his twin brother Tim Maiden, Chief Investment Officer for Nediam, also operate Two-Wins Foundations.

According to their information Two-Wins Foundations is a non-profit organization that invests thousands of dollars into inner communities through educational and community revitalization programs.

Apparently Nediam Company is offering their “experience, resources, relationships, and capital to rebrand the Duncanville Fieldhouse.” They are proposing to rebrand the fieldhouse into the “Elevate Performance Center.” The center would include a Medical Orthopedic Center, Sports/Physical Therapy, Elevate University (Academic Center) Play NOW, Basketball Tournaments and Leagues, Volleyball Tournaments, Football/Soccer, NFL Combine Training, NBA Combine Training, Baseball Training Camp, National/Regional Brand Restaurant, Performing Arts Center, and Sports Apparel Shop.

All this sounds real good and would be a move in the right direction, except for little thing. When you look at the letters in the packet from the International Museum of Cultures, that is asking for $25,000 this year in Hotel/Motel Tax funds, Terrance Maiden also serves on their board as well. While this could be purely coincidence, but it does cause one to pause and at least question if there is any connection between this new company that wants to run the Duncanville Fieldhouse, and the International Museum of Cultures seeking their largest sum of money from the Hotel/Motel Tax funds.

Another issue with the Elevate Performance Center proposal, is the terms listed that start with a Temporary Lease Agreement with Option to Purchase, and the Acquisition that includes an option to acquire the facility.

The meeting agenda for Thursday’s Special Meeting of the City Council is to conduct interviews with Board and Commission applicants, and to discuss and deliberate the appointment process.

However, item 3 calls for the discussion, consideration, and to take possible action on the creation of the Duncanville Community Board, that would incorporate the duties of the “former” Keep Duncanville Beautiful Board, Duncanville Community Multicultural Commission, and the Certified Retirement Community Oversight Committee. Apparently the council has already discussed doing away with these three boards because the agenda lists these as “former” boards.

The remaining agenda items include appointments to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, Library Advisory Board, Tri-City Animal Shelter Board, and the newly formed Duncanville Community Board. They will then recess into executive session to discuss appointments to the Planning and Zoning Commission, Board of Adjustments, Sign Control Board, and the Duncanville Community and Economic Development Board (DCEDC).

Apparently the council is going to consider the placement of members for the remaining vacant positions on the DCEDC.

The council is then set to reconvene and discuss any item and/or take any action necessary as a result of the Executive Session.