City Council Meeting Recap – 08/16/2011

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With the budget on the agenda and recent events inspiring numerous speakers to give their opinions during the Citizens Public Comment Period, there was a packed council chamber for the meeting this past Tuesday evening.

First on the agenda were the proclamations and presentations. The Chisholm Trail Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution received a proclamation declaring that September 17-23, 2011 as Constitution Week.

The Duncanville Police Department and Coppell Police Departments made a presentation to two of the Duncanville Police Departments finest.  On June 7th, Officers Ben Luna and Eddie Edwards attended a motorcycle-training course in Coppell, Texas, along with several Coppell officers.

During the training course, Officer John McArdle of Coppell was assisting when he began to show signs of distress and collapsed.  Officers Edwards and Luna, along with Coppell officers began to assess McArdle and determined that he was not breathing and Edwards started CPR compressions and Luna began clearing a path so that EMS personnel could easily arrive at the scene. Officer McArdle was transported to the hospital by ambulance where doctors stabilized him.

Two days later McArdle walked out of the hospital, where doctors credited the fast actions of Edwards and Luna, along with the Coppell officers, with saving the life of Officer McArdle.

Duncanville Police Chief Robert Brown presented departmental Life

Officer John McArdle (R) looks on as Chief Mac Tristan of Coppell presents Life Saving Awards to Officer Eddie Edwards and Officer Ben Luna.

Saving awards to both officers and Coppell Police Chief Mac Tristan made a presentation to both officers.  Officer John McArdle then presented both officers with their Life Saving Awards from the Coppell Police Department.  Also in attendance was McArdle’s wife and children. The council then turned to the regular agenda items.

First, the council voted 7 for 0 against on all consent agenda items. These

  1. Approving the minutes from prior meeting.
  2. Terminate EMS billing contract with Southwest General Services of Dallas, LLC.
  3.  Award EMS billing contract to MED3000, Inc.
  4. Approval of contract with Trinity River Authority of Texas in the amount of $50,000 for analysis of water and wastewater, Industrial Inspections, and/or sampling service for FY-2012 and 2013.
  5. Approval of Ordinance 2143 amending Appendix A of the Code of Ordinances by amending Article XXIII.
  6. Approval of Ordinance 2144 amending Appendix A of the Code of Ordinances by amending Article XIII.
  7. Approval of Ordinance 2145 amending Appendix A of the Code of Ordinances by amending Section 2, Permitted Uses.
  8. Approval of Ordinance 2146 approving a negotiated resolution between the Atmos Cities Steering Committee and Atmos Energy Corp., Mid-Tex Division regarding the Company’s fourth annual rate review mechanism filings.
  9. Approval of Ordinance 2147, amending Chapter 7 of the Code of Ordinances by amending Subsection 7-6(d), Juvenile Case Manger Fund.
  10. Approval of Ordinance 2148 amending the Code of Ordinances by amending Subsections (a) and (c) of Section 19-90 of Article V of Chapter 19 to revise the school zone time periods.

The following is a recap of the remaining agenda items

A presentation was given by Amanda Brimmer, Sr. Transportation Planner for the North Central Texas Council of Governments, regarding locally enforced idling regulations.  The Council will decide in their next meeting what steps to take next.

  1. Utility Service Partners, Inc. gave a presentation on the NLC Service Line Warranty Program and the services they could provide to the citizens. This is a warranty program that would cover the main water line and sewer lines into homes.  The program would be provided at a nominal cost to the citizens. The council voted 7-0 to move forward with the program.
  2. City Manger Kent Cagle gave a presentation on the FY 2011-2012 budget. In the presentation, the tax rate would remain the same, but because of decreased home values, the average homeowner tax bill will decrease $21.
  3. A public hearing was conducted to receive input on the budget for all city funds

Item 15 (directing staff on proposed FY2011-2012 budget) item 17 (directing staff on proposed FY 2011-2012 hotel/motel tax budget), item 20 (recess into Executive Session regarding appointments to Boards and Commissions), item 21 (recess into workshop to discuss appointments to Boards and Commissions and setting a date, time and location or FY 2011-2012 budget workshop), item 22 (consider appointments to the Boards and Commissions) were postponed until a meeting scheduled for August 25th.

  1. A public hearing was conducted to receive input on the proposed FY 2011-2012 hotel/motel tax budget. Amy Jackson, Executive Director of the Duncanville Community Theatre, Mary Fae Kamm from the International Museum of Cultures, and Steve Martin of the Duncanville Chamber of Commerce made presentations.
  2. The council approved 7-0 the General Fund Expenditure with Weaver & Tidwell, LLP for the FY 10-11 audit.
  3. Councilmember Reports – Grady Smithy commented on the passing of longtime resident Jerry Hill and that he and Don Freeman attended the memorial service. Janet Harris spoke on behalf of Pankaj Lad, (Best Western Inn & Suites) and the positive affect that the recent Great American Shootout had on not only his hotel, but also the surrounding businesses.