City Council Agenda Set for Sept 20, 2011

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Click here for the Duncanville City Council agenda for the 09/20/2011 meeting.

Items 8-16 pertain to the final adoption of the budgets for the fiscal year 2011/2012.  This includes the general budget, setting the tax rate, water & sewage disposal rates, hotel/motel tax grant agreements, and master fee schedule.

Items 17-18 are in regard to the ordinance governing idling trucks.

Items 19-21 should prove the most interesting.

Item 19 is to discuss the city policy regarding employee used credit cards and those related expenses.  The cards are used by designated employees to purchase items needed for their jobs and the spending levels and usage are set out by the city administration.  These cards keep employees from using a “petty cash” fund to make these purchases, and allows for a complete tracking of expenses by the finance department.

Item 20 calls for a discussion on any and all matters related to legal fees and services provided by the city’s designated legal firm. This is a continuation of the item from the last meeting calling for the council to look at hiring a new legal firm.  Several citizens spoke out against the council looking for a new firm and expressed their satisfaction with the firm of  Nichols, Jackson, Dillard, Hager, and Smith.

“What is the problem with the attorney we’ve got,” said Victor Bennett.  “Obviously if you’ve only got two lawsuits they must be doing something right. Why would you try and fix something that’s not broken.”

Item 21 asks the council to schedule a workshop and town hall meeting regarding redistricting.