Cheerleaders Serve at Trinity Basin Preparatory School

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For the Patriot Cheerleaders, one of their favorite opportunities is making appearances and performing at local elementary schools. The team most recently visited the third through fifth grade students at Trinity Basin Preparatory School in East Dallas.  The Patriot Cheerleaders participated in a college-focused, “No Excuses University” pep rally to raise awareness about college.

The Cheerleaders interacted with the students by performing the DBU fight song and cheers, as well as teaching them chants incorporating Trinity Basin Preparatory’s mascot and colors. Not only did they get to lead the students in cheers and chants, the Cheerleaders were able to talk to the students about preparing for college at their young age.

“I really love taking the Cheerleaders to appearances like this because the young students are always so responsive to their cheers, chants, and games. The Cheerleaders have an impact on the students, but the students have an equally as important impact on the Cheerleaders,” says Head Coach Michelle Grose.