Book Signing at Ben Franklin Apothecary

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Author Winston Menzies to sign copies of “The Spirit of Texas”

Ben Franklin Apothecary will be hosting a special book signing of The Spirit of Texas by Winston Menzies on Wednesday, Sept. 19th from noon till 2 p.m.  The Spirit of Texas is not just a book, it is a rather wild, pioneer experience.  The true story of the driving spirit and epic struggle behind the establishment of Texas as well as the biography of William Menzies, a Scottish immigrant, will touch your heart.  William arrived in Galveston, Texas in 1876 at the ripe old age of 21 with nothing more than a wooden box of carpenter’s tools.  Then he made his way west breaking horses and bought a ranch on the San Saba River in Menard.  There he met and married Letha Ann Chastain, reared eight children against all odds and became, according to Ranch & Rural Living magazine, “one of the region’s most successful stockmen.”  When he died at 102, Menzies was acknowledged by the entire Texas Legislature as one of the State’s “rugged individualists” as a pioneer rancher and a leader in progressive agriculture.

This book is important to people today because it reminds us of the immense struggle the pioneers of this state faced: fighting the Indians, outlaws, droughts, floods, pestilence, disease, the boll weevil, coyotes, harsh terrain and a thousand other things too numerous to name.  It also goes into the principles behind the very successful Texas government of today.  It is a great example to the young people of today of rewards of hard work, humility, self-reliance, grit and faith.

From this book many will find the courage to wrestle with the disintegration of our precious way of life, of hope and of freedom.  As the author would say, hopefully, it will act as a cowboy’s spur in the side to get our nation moving again and regain the spirit that made Texas great and will make our nation great once again.

The book signing will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 19th from noon till 2 p.m at Ben Franklin Apothecary in Downtown Duncanville. (302 N. Main Street, Duncanville, 75116)   For more information on the outstanding new book, check out or call (972) 298-1147.