Board of Trustees to Save Taxpayers over $2 Million

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District Continues to Demonstrate Good Stewardship of Financial Resources

At the July School Board meeting, the Duncanville ISD Board of Trustees took another proactive approach in financial stewardship of district resources by approving an energy conservation initiative and partnership with Energy Education, Inc. The five-year partnership will save the district more than $2.1 million over the next 60 months, in funds and resources that can be reallocated for educational purposes.

“We’re continuing to do what we can to get the most out of our limited funding,” said Board President Tom Kennedy. “This aggressive action means more of our taxpayers dollars will be spent on educating our students rather than paying utility bills, all while creating a culture of energy conservation.”

Superintendent Dr. Alfred Ray echoed Kennedy’s comments. “Over the past four years we have had to address ways to save money at every level of our organization,” said Ray. “What really makes this program stand out is how it will help us save money within our existing systems with personnel already in place.”

Over the next few weeks Duncanville ISD will work with Energy Education to finalize the district’s action plan in preparation for the launch of an energy program in early fall. The comprehensive, rigorous, and sustainable energy program is organizational behavior-based and has a strong proven process that turns recommendations into real savings by changing consumer behavior. With the expertise and guidance of Energy Education, Duncanville ISD will focus conservation efforts within the framework of four critical program components: Assessment and Planning, Coordination and Communication, Leadership and Focus, and Measurement and Verification.

All costs of the Energy Education Program will come from the district’s existing utility budget, with savings projected to more than pay for the program. Many organizations across the county have credited Energy Education’s program with helping maintain personnel and programs that otherwise would have fallen victim to budget cuts. Energy Education even continues to provide its clients free support beyond the paid term of a contract, as long as the school district continues to implement the program. “That continued support is critical to ensuring sustained cultural and behavioral changes that result in significant monetary reward for Duncanville ISD,” said Ray.

Energy Education earned the ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence Award for 2011 and was named 2009 & 2010 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year by the Environmental Protection Agency. In 25 years, the company has worked with more than 1,100 educational and ministerial organizations, helping clients save over $2.5 billion in utility costs.