Baseball in Dominican Republic – Day 5

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9:55 am

The final game of our Dominican trip has begun. Austin Elkins is leading off for the Patriots and grounds out to second.

Today we are playing at the Phillies complex outside Boca Chica against a team made up of younger players who have not yet started at La Academia. It is starting to get warm but is a beautiful, sunny day.

Ronnie Mitchell reached on a strikeout/E2 and Landon Anderson just singled sharply to right center to put runners on first and third with one out.

A sacrifice fly by Joel Hutter scores Mitchell and Anderson moves up to second on the throw.

Ryan Behmanesh walk sets up a double steal to score Anderson from third and now a Patrick Hicks‘ double down the left field line scores Behmanesh. 3-0 Patriots.

11:14 am

The Patriots have scored a bunch of runs on some hits, errors, and walks. Jay Calhoun completed three innings of work and allowed no runs on no hits while striking out three and walking two. 12-0 Patriots after three.

2:00 pm

We win the final game of our trip a lot to zero. Several players had multiple hit games and obviously no pitcher gave up any runs.

8:46 pm

This afternoon, we had the opportunity to run a baseball clinic across the street from our hotel where we played the other afternoon. This clinic was special, though, because it was set up by Willie – the guy who spoke about us at church the other day. Coach Heefner reminded our players before this clinic started that The Great Commission commands us to “Go into all the world… teaching.” Mission trips are great because they allow you to meet and share Christ’s love with many people. We have the common language of baseball to use to love on these kids we’ve met this week. Today, we had an opportunity to get these kids plugged in to a church in their area that can continue to help them grow and mature in their faith and to love on them after we leave. At each clinic we have held this week – at the orphanage, in the sugarcane fields, in Boca Chica – we have six stations. One of the stations is DBU Baseball Players working through Chris Holloway and Dr. Bob Garrett to share their testimonies and stories about the love of Christ and the importance of a relationship with God the Father. Today, not only did they get to speak about their story, Willie got to speak about his church and hopefully some of the kids will take the opportunity to be surrounded by like-minded people and then those kids will take opportunities to share their faith with the people around them. How awesome would it be if Boca Chica, Dominican Republic became a hotbed for Christianity and started a revolution in this country? How awesome would it be if Big Willie used baseball to send out missionaries amongst the people? Pray for that. Pray for Boca Chica. Pray for Willie, and for Sam, and for David Franco. Pray that God would stir up a revolution in La Republica Dominicana.

from the DBU Patriot Athletics Website