Baseball in Dominican Republic – Day 4

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10:54 am

Today’s game against the Licey Tigers is about to begin. Licey is the New York Yankees of the Dominican League – having won over 22 League Championships. We are playing at the New York Mets facility just outside Boca Chica where there are three fields and a large bullpen built around a quadrangle. In the middle of the quad is a tall viewing area with seats and a shelf where the New York administration can watch all four areas at one time – just like they can at the spring training facilities in the States. This will be our vantage point for Game 3 of the Dominican tour and we are surrounded by six or eight scout-looking types who are speaking Spanish and filling out reports.

11:08 am

The Patriots leave a runner on in the first after a Joel Hutter two out walk. Jake Johansen taking the mound in the bottom of the first.

11:22 am

Johansen gives up back-to-back doubles to lead off the game but holds steady to limit the damage to only one run. His first out was recorded when he struck out former Major League Player Willie Aybar on a 3-2 fastball.

11:36 am

We were just handed a roster for the Licey Tigers. In today’s lineup, there are five players who have seen significant time in the MLB, including former Rookie of the Year Angel Berroa. The rest of the lineup is made up of guys who play professionally in the States, some who have had a cup of coffee in the Big Leagues.

12:01 pm

A long inning for the Patriots leads to a 6-0 deficit but it wasn’t as bad as it looks on paper. An error in the inning, five seeing-eye singles, and a bloop double score the five runs for Licey.

12:45 pm

Michael Miller pitches two innings, striking out three, walking one, and allowing one run.

1:20 pm

Tyler Wilhelm just threw the bottom of the sixth inning – the first three up-three down inning for the Patriots on the day.

1:28 pm

Logan Brumley picks up the first RBI for the Patriots with a single past the first baseman to score Ryan Behmanesh, who reached on a walk.

2:09 pm

Patriots fall to Licey, 11-1. Hatcher, Hutter, Anderson, and Brumley pick up the only hits for DBU.

8:51 pm

We just returned to the hotel from Santo Domingo where we toured the Colonial Zone and looked around a fortress that was built in the 1500’s. The guys were able to buy some curiosos and barter with the vendors so we learned business skills during our visit – although some guys are better businessmen than others.

A couple thoughts circulated in my mind as we drove the thirty minutes back from to Boca Chica. One, Dr. Bob Garrett reminded us the other night, “Different is just different. It’s not good, it’s not bad. It’s just different.” Santo Domingo is different than the United States. The second thought is a quote from Ron Wolforth, an innovative pitching coach from the Houston area. Last year as the coaching staff visited with him he said, “Awareness in and of itself is curative.” I think our awareness in the United States is lower than the people of the Dominican Republic. I go to my refrigerator and get a cup of water. I never have to think about it making me sick. When I get a green light on the road, I feel fairly sure I can proceed through the intersection. Here, those fair certainties do not exist for us as outsiders. The rules of the road. The source of our food. We have to be vigilant about what is going on around us. That should be a good parallel to our faith life as well. We are strangers in this world. Engage with what is going on around you, be vigilant, and press on toward the goal.

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