April Duncanville ISD Made with Pride Honorees Recognized

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Lindsay Fortner, a second grade teacher at Alexander Elementary School, was selected as the Made with Pride in Duncanville Teacher of the Month. She uses interactive lessons that engage her students’ whole selves into the lesson. Ms. Fortner makes students feel welcome and her classroom is filled with positivity and warmth. She seeks ways to connect with students and help them grow and mature. Part of that is learning responsibility and includes having students take care of “Gus” the class guinea pig. Beyond her classroom walls, Ms. Fortner is a leader on the Sunshine Committee. She is also a major contributor in second grade weekly PLC data and planning sessions.

Rebecca Clarke, a special education aide at Central Elementary School, was selected as the March Made with Pride in Duncanville Staff of the Month. Ms. Clarke performs her classroom duties professionally and can always be counted on to be prepared and diligent with instruction. When surprising her for this recognition, Ms. Clarke was in class engaging students with a make believe bear hunt. She had placed a sheet over a play area and made a bear cave. There were paper trees on chairs and she was using a flashlight with students to hunt for bears. Ms. Clarke makes learning so much fun for these little ones. She also has worked as the Central Elementary driveway monitor to make sure students get to the door safely.

R.J. Vigil, a third grade student at Hyman Elementary School, was selected as the Made with Pride in Duncanville Student of the Month. R.J. is a kind soul who shows empathy way beyond his years. He’s a people person and is the first person to cheer on his classmates or comfort them when they are upset. He is very helpful to teachers and classmates. R.J. always strives to do better and asks for guidance to do so. R.J. recently won the Science Fair for Hyman and went on to represent his school at the District Science Fair. He’s also member of the Hyman Student Council and Hyman Choir.