Additional Safety Measures in Place at Duncanville High School on Wednesday

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Duncanville High School has had additional  police presence on campus today, as a precaution after a threatening message was found  typed on the screen of a classroom calculator. Upon finding the message, campus administrators immediately contacted the Duncanville Police Department, and a comprehensive investigation was conducted.

The note could not be confirmed as credible, but district and police officials implemented  extra safety measures as a precaution. Additional Duncanville police officers were on  campus throughout the day, and visitor access was restricted to the school. The campus  followed a normal bell schedule throughout the day until 2:00 pm, when “shelter in  place” procedures were implemented through the remainder of the day. Students will be  released at 3:00 pm.

The district we will continue to work with the Duncanville Police Department to further  investigate the threat, and additional police presence will be assigned to Duncanville  High School for the remainder of the week.

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