DHS Students Score Big at SkillsUSA

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SkillsUSA competitions are now underway, and district contests were held on February 11. Several Duncanville High School students scored exceptionally well and will now advance to the state level. Listed below are results for each technical area:

Advertising Design
Anna Salazar, Cassidy Doyle, Sarah Chanvong and Annette Hernandez – First Place, Promotional Bulletin Board
Annette Hernandez – First Place, Pin Design
Anna Salazar – Second Place, Screen Printing Technology
Sarah Chanvong – Best in Show, Advertising Campaign

Anica Arias and Jordan Campbell – First Place (state qualifiers)
Jennifer Higley and Cody McMillen – Second Place (state qualifiers)
Julie Quiroz and Harrison Adkins – Third Place (state qualifiers)
Diego Rodriguez and Zachary Woods – Sixth Place
Matthew Wentz and Shandon Jones – Ninth Place
Robert Caballero – Tenth Place

Culinary Arts (all state qualifiers)
Willie Hodges – First Place, Culinary Arts
Andy Ayala – Second Place, Culinary Arts
Karen Covarrubias – First Place, Baking and Pastry
Taylor Johnson – Second Place, Baking and Pastry
Tyre Kitchen – First Place, Food Service and Beverage
Shara Castenada – Second Place, Food Service and Beverage
Shara Casteneda – Superior, Food Carving
Karen Covarrubias – Superior and Best in Show, Cake Decorations
Destiny  Ailey – Superior, Cake Decorations

Sergio Castillo, Kwesi Fuller, and Brandon Martin – First Place, Community Service Team
Rudy Soto – First Place, Computer Networking
Stephen Cornell, Philip Daniels, Andrue Ferry, and Adrian Guzman – First Place, Engineering Design Team
Klein Allen, D’Andre Burch, and Alexander Shaw – First Place, Engineering Technology Team
Rudy Soto – First Place, Internet Working
German Lopez, Nguon Mlo, and Jordan Watkins – First Place, Land Surveying Team
Joshua Lockhart – First Place, Principles of Technology
Andrue Ferry and Johnathan Hodge – First Place, Robotics and Automation Team
Jessica Escobar, Andrew Ortiz, and Collin Williams – Second Place, Land Surveying Team
Philip Daniels and Alejandro Mendez – Second Place, Mobile Robotics Team
Brandon Martin – Third Place, Electronics
Carlos Boyland, Da‘Quavian Caldwell, Terry Cooper, and Kylan Romas – Third Place, Engineering Design Team
Jayle Lee, Marissa Martinez, and Jasmine Williams – Third Place, Land Surveying Team
Fidel Herrera – Fourth Place, Computer Maintenance
Nicole Jones, David Preciado, and Candy Reyes – Fourth Place, Land Surveying Team
Sergio Castillo, Kwesi Fuller, Johnathan Hodge, Joshua Lockhart, Brandon Martin, Marissa Martinez, and Jasmine Martinez – Fourth Place, Opening and Closing Ceremonies Team

Media Technology
Russell Romo and Kevin Quintero – First Place, Television Production Skills
Michael Bruner and Russell Romo – First Place, Audio/Radio Production
Delecia Connley (captain), Brenda Vazquez, Hector Sifuentes, DeVaughn White, Monique King, Coebry Clemons, Nick Sanchez, and Troy Chambers – First Place, A/V Production Quiz Bowl Team
Brenda Vazquez – First Place and Best of Show, Video Production Project
Kevin Quintero and Hector Sifuentes – First Place, Video Production Project
Russell Romo and Michael Bruner – First Place, Video Production Project
Darion Wells and Brenda Vazquez – Second Place, Television Production Skills
James Onzo Jones and Coebry Clemons – Second Place, Video Production Project
David Lara and Sara Hamby – Third Place, Television Production Skills
Delecia Connley, Hector Sifuentes, Brenda Vazquez, and Kevin Quintero – Third Place, Broadcast News Production

Gerry Gallimore, Eduardo Reyes, and Jose Martinez – First Place, Welding Fabrication
Jasmine Shoemaker, Jaylin Simpson, and Saul Garcia – Second Place, Welding Fabrication
Javier Gutierrez – Second Place, Individual Welding
Rocky Yang – Second Place, Individual Welding