DHS Senior David Gebauer Named Inside High School Sports Scholar Athlete of the Week

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Congratulations to Duncanville ISD senior David Gebauer – he was chosen as a Inside High School Sports Scholar Athlete of the Week! David is a backup Linebacker for the varsity football team, and is currently ranked #8 in his class. He was awarded a plaque by Head Coach Jeff Dicus. “It felt good to be given this honor,” he said. “I’m proud because I do put in a lot of hard work in and off the field.”

A football player for the past five years, David doesn’t plan on using his skills on the field after graduation. He hopes to get into the Naval Academy and become a Navy Seal. He knows it’s a big dream, but says that’s the key to success. “You have to hold yourself to a rigorous level. Your mind is like a sword – you have to sharpen it or it will grow dull.”