City Council Workshops Redistricting

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Every ten years the city must go through a redistricting process for the city council boundaries.

The 2010 Census data affirmed a population imbalance within the various councilmember districts.

Using the current boundaries as a benchmark, the council is required to distribute the population between the five single member districts.

In doing so, the council has several criteria they must follow:

  1. Use easily identifiable geographic boundaries;
  2. Indentify communities of interest which should be maintained in a single district and where practicable, attempt to avoid splitting neighborhoods;
  3. To establish districts composed of whole voting precincts or to establish districts drawn in a way that permits the creation of practical voting precincts and to ensure that adequate facilities for polling places exist in each voting precinct; and, to avoid splitting census blocks;
  4. To rationally attempt, to the extent practicable, to be used on existing district’s boundaries;
  5. To configure districts so that they are relatively equal in total population according to the 2010 federal Census, achieving deviation in population between the largest and the smallest district which do not exceed ten percent;
  6. To establish districts to be compact and composed of contiguous territory, comprising a functional and geographical dimension;
  7. To preserve incumbent-constituency relations by recognition of the residence of incumbents and their historical representation or areas and interests;
  8. To narrowly tailor such districts to avoid retrogression in the position of racial minorities and language minorities as defined in the Voting Rights Act with respect to their effective exercise of the electoral franchise;
  9. To avoid fragment of a geographical compact minority community or minority voters which would result in polarized voting.

At the council decided on a map to present to voters as a starting point for discussions and citizen input at the Town Hall Meeting on Monday, October 17 at 7:00PM in the Library Meeting Rooms located at 201 James Collins Boulevard.

When the map is made available, will post the map for review.

After the meeting, the council will have to decide on a map that will be presented to the United States Department of Justice for review.