Brandenburg Intermediate Briefly Locked Down on Wednesday

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The Duncanville Police Department and Brandenburg Intermediate School administration worked together to ensure that the students and staff of the school were safe during a search for a robbery suspect in the area of the school

According to a police source the suspect was believed to be in a house across the street from the school.  As a precaution, the Duncanville Police Department issued the low-level lock-down.

A letter sent home to the parents of Brandenburg students that explained the lock-down.  In the letter Thomas Cyprian, Brandenburg principal, said that at about 12:30 pm the Duncanville police requested that the campus issue a low-level lock-down in response to events happening away from the school.  Students and staff remained safe and they were able to continue normal classes with minor interruption.  But, access to enter or leave the school was restricted.

Police finished their search and contacted the school to lift the low-level lock-down and the school finished their normal schedule at about 1:35 pm.

“You can be proud of the way they responded to the unusual situation,” said Cyprian.

Duncanville Police continue their investigation into the whereabouts of the suspect.

Click here to see the letter from the school.