“Game On!” for Reed Middle School’s A-Team

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Engaging students through new educational adventures, Reed Middle School’s “A-Team” was taken on a once-in-a-lifetime field trip on December 1. Students who earned As in all of their classes visited Terminal Reality Software Company and Mountain View College.

Terminal Reality is an international video game company in Irving, which produces well-known games for PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, and Xbox. While there, students met with video game designers for the company’s new Star Wars game for Xbox Kinect. The group of designers and programmers gave students an in-depth tutorial of the video game creation process, as well as information on what it takes to become a digital game designer and programmer. Students were also given the opportunity to play and evaluate the new Star Wars game. “It was an amazing experience,” said eighth grader Landon Findley.

The afternoon concluded with a visit to Mountain View College, where students were treated to an admissions presentation, campus tour, and magic show by one of the English professors. “I was excited for our students to see all the great opportunities that Mountain View has to offer, to further their education so close to home,” said seventh grade Texas History teacher Jordan Mullins.

The A-Team would like to thank all of those who made this adventure memorable. The A-Team helps encourage all students to perform better academically in the classroom by rewarding them with spectacular educational adventures. If you or your business would like to fund a trip or give to the A-Team initiative, please send an email to andavis@duncanvilleisd.org or call 972-708-3534.